April 29, 2010

News, Size L.

So, here's the back story...

About a week ago, I was offered a job with a well known charity organization based out of Toronto. It was an exciting idea, a 3.5 month contract, but it was a position that would have required extensive travel throughout the north... we're talking driving to Timmins, SSM, Sudbury, Orillia, Huntsville, Bracebridge, New Liskeard, possibly Cochrane and Kapuskasing [each of those locations at least once per month]... and then to Toronto twice a month.

I was really, truly on the fence about accepting the position. There were a lot of really good reasons that I should: decent pay, good experiance, it would have been an adventure, it would have been... well, a job. There were also a lot of really good reasons not to: It would have destroyed my car (seriously, the thing's kinda sad as it is), It would have been a LOT of time in a car, and when I wasn't in the car, I'd be working from home, and I really don't think I'm the type who is motivated and focused enough to work from home. It's a hard thing to do, especially for someone like me who personifies the idea of the"night owl".

Anyways, while all this was going on, Adam had applied for a job with a company based out of Mississauga. Then he got a second interview, which he had the day after I had my second interview with the aforementioned charity. As I was making my decision, sitting very uncomfortably on that fence, I got the news that would make that decision pretty simple.

Adam got the Job.


So, though I probably could have still taken the job (and been exhausted at the end of it), I decided that it would be best to decline the job, and start hunting for something in the GTA. I was going to work out the list of things that I need to do, to think about... but the thinking alone (and the fact that it's 1:30am and I have to get up at 9am to babysit the moppet) has totally exhausted me. So, here's the list of lists... there will be much listyness in the days to come...

List of Lists I need to make:

  • Places I need to scour for jobs: websites, papers, job banks, employment centres
  • Financial thingies I need to work out... rent, insurance, hydro, TTC pass (guh... expensive...), subscriptions, budgeting quarters for laundry...etc.
  • Places where I need to change my address
  • Places I need to locate around the building... vet's, pharmacy, walk-in clinics, bank, possible knitter's guild, Service Canada Offices, bus stations...
  • Things I need to send down
  • Things I need to keep with me until I officially move
  • Things I need to sell/donate/toss/give away/store
  • Things I need to ask Brad (did I pay first and last??? Do you want me to leave any furnishings behind?)
So... There will be listyness soon.

Not necessarily tomorrow though, because tomorrow is my birthday and I'm turning 26.


*Ok, so yes, Scarborough isn't exactly spitting distance from Mississauga, but we managed to snap up an apartment in the building his Aunt Glad manages, and Adam's ok with the commute.

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Jennifer said...

If it makes you feel any better, a TTC pass is half the price of car insurance in Toronto.