February 2, 2010

Day Two


Well, all 3 groundhogs saw their shadows, but Bill Murray didn't, so I guess that's a plus.

Another day that didn't quite go as planned. Still pretty good, but I didn't really do anything "fun". I went and saw Buddy at the Humane Society. He's doing well! I'm going in tomorrow to volunteer for an hour or so (so, fun will be had then...probably a little silly too).

I walked for an hour with Katie. It was good!
I started creating something... a new hat. My ears got a little cold. I haven't finished it yet... might take another day or two.
I did take pictures, I'll be posting them tomorrow.

Everything else will be caught up with tomorrow (no new jobs were posted today anyways).

Overall, not bad... I need to get better at documenting things.

More tomorrow, right now sleep. I want to be at the HS by 9, which means getting out of bed by 8 at the latest... God, how I didn't miss mornings. I HATE mornings.

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