February 1, 2010

Day One: Brave


Ok, so in terms of 28 Days of Change, I started the day with good intentions.

I did walk for an hour with Katie and Colleen.

I did something brave. Several brave things, actually. I got the cat outside my window to the Humane Society (I'm going to visit him tomorrow to make sure he's ok), and I killed a spider in my shower, which, as anyone who knows me will know, is HUGE.

Also, I cut off my hair. Like, I did the majority of it myself. Katie fixed it after. That's kinda creating something, right?


Did I take a picture? No, because by the time I got home tonight, I was itchy from the hair that had been cut off and needed a shower, and it doesn't really look right when it's just washed (that's right folks, I have a style thats actually going to require something more than towel drying and a wide tooth comb...).

Did I apply for at least one job? No. Again, this is because it was 10:30 by the time I got home, and I was exhausted and itchy. But, Adam applied for a job, which is good. I'll just have to make that a priority for tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, here's the game plan:

7am: Adam has to be at work. Wow, that's gonna be early. I'm going to have to start going Tim Hortons again.

7-10:30ish: apply for jobs? at least get the cover letters ready.

10:30ish-12: FUN DAY! I get to do something fun! Maybe I'll break out the gee-tar for a bit.
12-12:30: Go to Humane Society, see Buddy, get my carrier back.
12:30: Pick up Katie from Aimee's.
1-2: DogWalkin
2:30: drop off Katie
3:30 Pick up Adam
4 - Adam has a lawyer's appointment. Yeah, he needs to get those charges dropped... (just kidding, Aunt Glad! ;) )
when that's done to... you know, when ever... Pictures, Creating something and Applying for jobs

And then it will all start over again the next day with Silly! That should be interesting.


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