February 3, 2010

Day Three: The day of Fail



I woke up hours later than I had intended to, my sheets were soaked with sweat and every joint hurt. My eyes were itchy and burny and filmy, and I wanted nothing more than to just colapse back into bed.

So I did. For 4 hours. And I woke up feeling just as bad.

So, tomorrow I have to do something fun, silly and new (fun, because that was going to be the cat room, silly because that was supposed to be today, and new because that's tomorrow's job). And tomorrow I really should try to walk 2 hours, but I'm guarenteed at least one. And I should create 2 things, but I think I'll focus on finishing this hat.

I DID however, take pictures. Here they are!

DAY ONE: Sorrelle, sleeping next to the book case. She's kinda mad at me, I had to move her pillow out of there to make way for some knitting supplies...DAY TWO: A decorative piece I keep by my window... I like to look at it sometimes. :)

DAY THREE: Pretty empty wine bottles... collected over the last year, don't worry. One day I'll get around to recycling them.

Everything else, tomorrow.

Now.... ugh. Bed.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Relly. Monica and Haiti both feel her pain - I disrupted them from sleeping on my feet this morning when I had to get up and go to class. Of course, they did go right back to bed while I went outside and cleaned off the car. Our poor cats are so hard-done-by...;)