January 26, 2010

meme for youyou

From UnavoidedCrisis...

21 Things that Make Me Happy:

1. Coffee
2. Snuggling in a warm blanket
3. When Sorrelle curls up on me at night
4. gift boxes, even' if there's nothing in them.
5. puppy kisses
6. when it's just barely warm enough to go outside without a coat on
7. Christmas lights
8. Making cookies
9. driving through HUGE puddles
10. vanilla ice cream with strawberries
11. finding money in my pockets
12. getting cards in the mail from mom
13. when Adam strokes my forehead
14. pretending I'm a rockstar
15. the buns grandma used to make at Christmas.
16. cheesecake
17. christmas tree decorations
18. little shiney things
19. pulling in the driveway in St. Marys after the 6 hour trip
20. When Sorrelle kisses my nose in the morning
21. grilled cheese sandwiches

Wow... that was harder than it looks...

Coming soon: New project, 28 days of Change.

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