January 31, 2010

28 Days of Change

This is my new project.

28 Days of Change is the month of February. I do things, specific things, with the concious effort of changing my life, one day at a time. Actually, it's 30 days, since tomorrow is prep day... Here's how it breaks down.

There are 5 parts of every day in the 28 days of change. EVERYTHING must be documented, right here.

1. Walk 1 hour every day.
2. Create something every day. Whether it's a cookie or a collage.
3. Apply for at least 1 job. Even if I'm under qualified. Even if it's not in town.
4. Take a picture.
5. Do that day's item from "the list" below.

The List:
1. Brave
2. Fun
3. Silly
4. New
5. Necessary
6. that has been put off.
7. Creative
8. Different
9. You've thought about doing for a while.
10. Spontanious
11. hard
12. Easy
13. Healthy
14. Relaxing
15. Loud
16. You didn't think you could do
17. Involving destruction
18. like a child
19. nerdy
20. uncomfortable
21. indulgent
22. educational
23. weird
24. That will take ALL day
25. For someone else
26. As seen on TV
27. with Confidence
28. EPIC! (or celebratory)

The day before February 1st, being January 31st (funny how that works...), you wipe the slate clean. whether that means scrubbing everything to a bleachy-clean, or ritualized fire dancing, you do what you have to to make sure you walk into this ready for change. I've got a couple of things in mind, including finding the batteries for my camera.

Why am I doing this? Because I want to see if people can really change their lives like this, like people do on TV. And I want to see if the universe is ready to lay off for a while. If this all comes crashing down, we'll know that I'm supposed to live Bohemian in a little tent on the shores of Trout Lake.

If it does... well... won't that be something.

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