November 22, 2009

Question for my loyal readers:

So, I have the opportunity to go to a "thing" tomorrow.
It's at the Zoo, which is already a strike against it. It's a Coors Light sponsored event, which is cool, because I don't mind Coors. But, it's having to do with the mystery mansion. You know, that thing they do all the commercials about?

No? Ok...

The basic premis is that (assuming that only men drink Coors) a guy and three of his best friends are whisked off to a secret mansion in a secret location with a secret band, and while there, they're not so secretly exposed to as many beautiful (yes, superficially hollywood-style beautiful), buxom women as possible, who will hand them Coors the whole time, hanging off of these 4 men and probably offering themselves up for sex, as that's what the company will encourage them to do.

I have a chance to go to an event that is related to this. Adam ad I were invited by a male friend, who is taking his girlfriend, who is also my friend. So, yeah, all of us will be going together...

But is it possible for an overweight white woman with no self-confidence and a pretty strong hatred of 19 year old bleach blond anorexic idiots to go to something like this and still enjoy herself without feeling like ye-olde ball and chain for a boyfriend who, lets face it, is still male, and probably won't be staring at me all night anyways.

...I can't find anything that says that there's something equally as interesting for women to do if they win. It's like they're not expecting women to win at all. Certainly not plus-sized, pock faced geeks like me. (hey, I say geek proudly.)

So... Do I go, and probably not have a good time, or stay and feel like a loser for not going?

I welcome opinions on this one.

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