November 18, 2009

little thoughts

today I've decided to go back and re-read some of the web comics that I used to read back in the day. not all of them though. Just the ones I miss... Questionable Content, Order of the Stick, Kwaii Not... I've kept up with Two Lumps, and now I read Hey Pais!.

I used to read Maladjusted Comics, but their site went down a year or two ago, and they never came back.

I also used to read Something Positive. I used to LOVE that comic, but I found after a while that it wasn't really funny anymore, just sarcastic and depressing. I might start reading it again, but not right away...

I always wanted to start reading Penny Arcade. I think I got a few comics into it, but never really got into it. I might start picking that up.

Why? Because I've a) discovered the joys of Flock and RSS feeds, and b) I have NOTHING BETTER TO DO.

Well, Right now I have noveling, and I can do some knitting, but other than that, I'm just at home watching TV.

Christmas is coming. I flip between being excited and terrified. Excited for the prettyness and the warmth (figurative, of course) that the season brings and terrified that this is going to be another miserable shoe-string Christmas. I really wanted this year to be the year where budget didn't matter, where I could get people things that I would be 100% certain would make them happy. Where I could host my very on revival of "Cocktails and Clevage", with hor d'ourves and drinks and christmas baking. Where I'd be able to host "North Bay Family Christmas", or at least contribute a little more than time. Where I'd be able to go crazy in the kitchen and really feel all home-maker-y. Guess I got in my own way on that one.

as much as I thoroughly enjoy the luxury of sleeping 14 hours a day, I'm starting to miss daylight.

I"m going back to my comics, Food Network and maybe some knitting.

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