October 15, 2009

Things to think about

For fun: Here's a list of things that will change if/when Adam and I get married:

1. My name. He insists.
2. My signature. Bigger deal then it sounds. I'd have 2 Y's to contend with, and I might even have to drop the "B".
3. My health card. Which really sucks, because I still have a red-n-white. I don't like the picture ones.
4. The name on my driver's licence, which means I'd probably have to get the picture done. Again.
5. My passport... assuming I get one by then.
6. My SIN card.
7. My address, probably. Which means the health card, the driver's licence, the passport... all will have to change again.
8. My banking stuff. Adam won't change to Royal, and I won't change to Scotia, so we're debating a third, alternate bank for a joint account. Maybe TD.
9. My bank cards and cheques would all have to be re-issued because of the name change.
10. I might actually have to consider finding a dentist, doctor and optomitrist in... Wherever we end up living.

List of things Adam would have to change...

Nothing. Because he's a guy.

THE FEMINISTS WERE RIGHT! This is a raw deal.

Why is this even in my mind? Because Adam tried to distract me with a really cool pen while he was telling me that he might be leaving for Toronto on Monday. Until February.

Better to think about this than what the hell I'm going to do until Feb. without him around.

I'm going to have to start volunteering somewhere until I get a job.


Anonymous said...

He "insists"? I call bullshit. It's your name, and your life for that matter; he doesn't get a say

If you genuinely *want* to change your name, go for it. :) If you don't want to, don't.

Sorry, the "insists" thing rubs me the wrong way and is full of jackassery and fail. Please tell me it's a joke and make me wrong, lol. ;)


Tabetha said...

You don't have to change your SIN card - that is only if you are actually changing your name, without getting married. :) One less thing to do! It all falls into place once you get the ball rolling - I started with my health card, then driver's license... and progressed from there. Don't forget car insurance needs to be updated. :)

Have fun!