October 7, 2009

Bed time stories

So, to get it out of the way: yes, I've left my job. The time for me to move on came, and I finally found the stones to take it. I've got time now, so I'm taking it, but I'll find something else soon, I'm sure. That's that.

As I've been spending some time chilling out, I've been thinking about my wedding. Yeah, I know, I never wanted to get hitch, but Adam has been very persuasive, and now I'm actually looking forward to it. Even... fantasizing? Yeah, a little. Ok, maybe a lot... Mostly about the reception.

Despite the fact that I'm not a fan of bugs or the cold, or the unpredictability of rain, but I really kind of want a big tent outside. Well, more like, have the hall, but you can go outside into the tent for dancing. Inside there are tables and the bar, and painted corkboards on the walls with pictures of us. Even those flouncy white valances that swoop across the ceiling, filled with twinkle lights. The gift table is off to the side, and at the end, under a pretty willow terrace with red ribbons is the 3 tier white cake and the 2 smaller sheet cakes on the side with a crystal topper. There are little white candles everywhere, and red kissing balls hanging down. Outside there are white patio lanterns stringed across rail-tie fences leading to the tent, and all of the trees are strung with white lights. At the tables are mason jars, small ones with white candles and big ones with red flowers and spindly branches coming up from the centre, covered in more little lights. There are little white cards hanging from red ribbons all over the branches for people to write good wishes on. In the Tent there are people dancing, laughing, drinking champaign and enjoying themselves in the moonlight. Groomsmen and ushers in balck tuxes with red ties and Bridesmaids in little red dresses with white sashes and family laugh as Papa Mark teaches the children how to do raspberry jello shots (it is my family, after all), and Adam's step dad is dancing with my mom, making her giggle. Tables with silver platters of veggies and cheeses and little finger foods line the imaginary "walls" along the tent, and guests smile as they walk by the "gift tree" where their favours, tin cookie cutters, hang by red ribbon with a little card with notes that donations have been made to charity instead of giving little gifts. As the stars sparkle, and as the night ends, white fireworks pop and crackle as Adam and I wander down to our cottage...

Funny story... I kind of have a location in mind...

The Bayview-Wildwood Resort in Port Stanton

*sigh*... it's all so romantic, really.

lol, I'll never afford it. But dreams are free! :)

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Tabetha said...

I can absolutely picture it all! Beautiful! :) And a big HOLY CRAP to your place of choice. Nice nice nice.

Dreaming is a great feeling - I tend to dream while I am showering, driving, and even teaching sometimes. hehe. Hell, today's youth is already corrupted, what can I do about it but dream about something nice.

Also, about you leaving your job. A bit "HURRAH" comes to mind. You have the proverbial balls to do what many other people refuse to do. Kudos!