June 1, 2009


I don't really have anything to say right now. Nothing deep and profound anyways. Every now and then a thought or two creeps in that I think I might write about, but it fades away before I have chance to write it down.

Things seem to be going ok. by "seem to" I mean, nothing monumental has happened either way to make it good or bad. I'm just... kind of even.

I've gotten into this nasty habbit of waking up through the night, every hour on the hour. I don't know why. It's kind of frustrating, especially when I wake up at 2:30am and I'm WIDE awake, but when I wake up at 7:30, I can't even sit up.

I just finished reading Peaks and Valleys... it was ok. I think I need to read it again a few times... only bits and pieces are sinking in. At first I thought it was marvelous, but now it just seems... partonizing, almost. Think of the good and the good will come... visualize success and work towards it... be truthful and humble. Screw that, I want to celebrate a success like it's 1999!

What is the truth of your situation?

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