April 18, 2009

sick days

So, it finally happened, I did something, voluntarilly, without tears, that I absolutly hate doing, regardless of the job I have.

I took a sick day.

Actually, I took 1.5 sick days, but the .5 was because Louise told me to go home. Friday morning, after being home most of the day Thursday, I got up at 7:45am, thinking that I should be ok to go into work. I needed to, really, since I had a course to set up for, and a 1/2 day's work to catch up on.

I got a shower, wrapped myself in a towel, and stepped into the middle of my living room. I looked at the TV (the clock in the corner is really the only thing Canada AM is good for), and realized that it was 8:05. I sat down on my couch, thinking about calling in sick, and promptly realized that I couldn't remember the phone number at the branch. Or my supervisor's name. That was it, a sign. I picked up the phone and stared at it for a few seconds... the number finally emerged from the fog, and I called in sick.

Good thing I did too, because I don't remember parts of the day. I remember my eyes burning, but that may have been the crap tv on during the day. I remember that feeling that one side of your nose is totally plugged, so the other side sucks in more air to compensate and gets all raw and sore, so you open your mouth to breathe and your mouth gets dry...

Now my face is all dried out, my skin feels just gross and clammy, and the cat's lost her mind... not sure how the last one relates, but I"m sure it does.

over all, I feel gross and feverish. But I am still alive.

Just wanted to let everyone know that... more later.

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