April 9, 2009

slow day

So, today's kinda slow. Nothing much going on... one call about a babysitting course, and I probably won't set one of those up until June.

While feeding my sad, little-girl crush on Matthew Grey Gubler (Criminal Mind's Dr. Reid), I surfed through some of the photography he has posted, and it made me want to pick up a camera and take some pics of the things around me that are simple, yet beautiful. (Adam is somewhere snickering about how I'd want to take pictures of things like me... Simple, yet beautiful. This is why I'm not buying you dinner tonight, amigo!)

I'll be traveling home to St. M tonight. Funny how I get stressed about it... I started feeling it yesterday... feeling stressed about the trip home. I love Terrie, she's fun and hilarious, but I haven't spent any large amount of time with her that wasn't in a meeting, so it'll be interesting to get to know her.

I'm starting to look at my hats. Not the real ones, but the ones I wear in a figurative sense. Speaking of which, I should get my hat back from Aimee... But I digress.

I'm specifically looking at my planning hat, aka: Hat of Ultimate Plannination and Pipe dreams! haha... I plan things, then realize that there are too many road blocks, so I shelve them in my mind without making hard copies. Problem with that is, if that shelve goes (it's cracked and old, and I should think about cleaning it), then all these wonderful never-gonna-happen-yet dreams go with it.

Here are some general (as not to break any privacy policy rules) ideas of plans that have been churning like cement on that shelf.

-Youth group: We need one. Like, just to get young people involved in this town that isn't in a way that involves fire or weapons of petty annoyance, or weapons of bodily harm, or drugs. A youth group could hold Fundraisers, we could do tours of places in town, like Fire halls and police stations. They could learn about the world and the crisis effecting some parts of it. Generate informed citizens that have more than book learning and newspaper world views, you know?

-Knitting Group. Ok, this plays into my newfound love of garter stitch, but still... a group of people who craft for charity, donate their wares, and talk. Not even something to provide direct financial benifit, but something to keep people social. And, you know, knitters have family members who could be convinced/coerced/made interested in volunteering.

-FasTeam... Dude, we gotta get on this. We should be a fixture in this town, not just a glimmer in the back of the Shared Drive.

-First Aid needs to be marketed like Mad, but how to do it? How do we generate interest for those who don't need it for work or school? And how do we get them to pay for it?

And the other stuff... you know, Nano is floating around up there, going "uh, hello? you owe me for the pathetic job you did last year, jerkface." I hear ya. You're on the backburner, in the pot with next year's raffle and Poinsettia campaign, simmering in a stew of "November's going to be Painful". Needs salt.

Right-o, I'm going to duck out and pack/unpack the car and all that jazz.

Oh, and btw, I've succomed to the silliness that is Twitter. I'm SparkyintheSnow (of course), if you want to see what I'm really up to.


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