February 27, 2009

Lesson Learned: a bitter rant

So, there's a lesson to be learned out of the last 2 days. People want you to be a good person. You're expected to be good to your fellow man, do a good job, be good AT your job, and generally do the best that you can at all times.

Fairytales tell us that these people win out in the end, are rewqarded for their trials, and live happily ever after.

Truth is, good people get shit on. If you plan to live your life as a good, responsible person with a concious and working moral concience, you can expect to be passed over, forgotten, stepped on, violated and abused. People will walk all over you and treat you like a disposible loser, despite the fact that you are probably more valuable to the company (work or social) than they will ever imagine.

Working hard means living hard.

If/when Don comes back, or if/when a new coordinator is hired to take his place, I will be dumped unceremoniously into my old job and reduced back to 3 days a week, meaning that to be able to live comfortable (hell, get by), I'm going to need to get another job.

The lesson here, children, is feel more than your worth, BE more than your worth, but don't EVER do more than you are paid to do. Be exceptional in your orderlyness, organization and control, and never work harder than you truly need to, because you're not going to be rewarded (or recognized, most of the time), you're not going to be compensated, and you're just going to get screwed over for your extra effort.

No more of this crazy organization talk, no more being stressed out. No more working for what they expect, not what they pay.

Not gonna lie, I'm kind of ok with this plan.

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J.D said...

I know that you love the Bay, and please understand that I'm not trying to make you do anything. But it might be worth looking for a job in a new city - something where you'll get the hours you need for the pay you deserve with the treatment you deserve - and by that I mean being treated *well*. <3 I've been hunting for something myself, and I've seen more than a few jobs that are in your field.

Like I said, I'm not trying to talk you into something you don't want to do. It's just a thought I had that I figured I'd pass on. After all, life is too short to work a shitty job and be unhappy.

Take care of yourself. <3