December 18, 2008

hi agen mommys friends!

mommy didnt hav the strep thing she thot she had. she as a vyrus. it is a mean vyrus that makes her coff and sniffle. but she will be better soon! she told me that on saterday we r goin to plant a tree in the living rom by my couch and put prety things on it and make cookys! then we r goin to se nana and grandad and nan and grandad and nana's dog tedy. i think that meens i have to go in the car agen. i dont like the car. but mommy sed nana will giv me lots of treetums, so that wud be ok i gess.

im gonna go now and help mommy with the lawndry and dishs. then it will be bedtim and i will get treetums! yay!

by agen!

luv relly

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