December 30, 2008


And we're back.

Last 2 weeks have been a lot of kleenex, fever and coughing up things that one should never have the misfortune of coughing up. Relly manned the fort for me, but unfortunatly she doesn't have her G licence yet, so on a cold monday morning a few days before Christmas, we loaded into the MeeperMobile one last time (I'll come back to that), and began what became a rather blustery journey to the south.

We helped pull a girl out of a ditch! woo!

We made it to the south alive, curled up on the old daybed for a long winter's nap... then the insanity began.

Tuesday I did some running around and discovered something rather disturbing... Aparently, on the day before Christmas eve, a number of "100 penny" stores begin loading up the Christmas items in preparation for... Valentines day.

I know, right? Pink and white and little sugar hearts as far as the eye can see. blech.

Christmas itself was lovely. I got a GPS (oooooh) and whole whack of kitchen utensils and napkins (ahhhhhhh), the fluffiest of fluffy bathrobes and slippers, and an almost decadent amount of lotions and potions that smell pretty. Chocolate and socks and X-Men 3. and 2 full out Turkey dinners.

And now, after another few days at home we're back in North Bay, chillin. Realizing that we're going to have to spend some time at home getting back to good. See, I already know that walking into the office tomorrow is going to be mass chaos. I think Relly and I are going to have to start learning more self-care, or else we're both going to get sick again. So we're going to try and learn to chill.

No New Years update today though... I have to work in the morning (*cries*) so I might try for a weekend update of things that were and things to come.

For now, bedtime. and treatums for Relly.


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