July 10, 2008


I cannot wait for this week to be over and done with. Sunday is going to be the best day ever, because I'm going to SLEEP all day, with a kitty at my side, purring and occasionally gnawing on my hand. Nom nom nom...

Seriously, I'm whipped like topping. Soooooo tired. And stressed beyond measure. I think Tabitha's right, I need some hardcore meditation. Except if I close my eyes for longer than a blink, I'm out.

I'm freezing cold today! Like, so cold I just want to curl into the fetal position and shake. and everyone else is warm, so they keep turning up the A/c... boourns on them.

Yesterday I got to meet with the Regional Program rep for Ontario North. We spent the first 2 hours of her visit talking about how bad our numbers are, and how our branch is hemmoraging money, and how considering that OZone (Ontario Zone)'s Budget is... "unfavorable", if something has to go... you know. Lights out, North Bay.

Then we went over some of the branch practices. She shook her head and said "No..." a lot. Soshe trained me (again) on how to use Course Manager. This time, it was more as a tool, but still, it was good. Then after Lunch (my only break for the day, but at least I got to see Katie and Adrienne and watch parts of Snakes on a Plane), we wrote policy for Registration and cancelations. Then we talked about organizing the office so it runs efficiantly, and what needs to be done in order to pull us out of the gutter, if that's even possible! Then, finally, at 4:30pm she left, and I spent some time pulling things together... kind of. And stayed to 7:00pm doing so.

Today I have a conference call. At Noon. who the HELL schedules a conference call for NOON??? I have lunch! things to do on said lunch too! This is my chance to run errends and such! And Relly needs catfoods!

Tomorrow is Friday. This is good. I have to prep for the weekend course, I have to clean out Don's office for his return. I have to set up Brett's office for my use. I have to find a way to get triangle bandages if they haven't been returned. At least I don't have to work at Canadian Tire after. If I didn't have to work there Saturday, I'd be all for drinking my face off and forgetting this week ever happened.

Alright. I have to prepp for the conference call, seeing as I have no idea what the "Northern Raffle" is about, and that's what the call is about. After that, I have to create proposals for 2 fundraisers, an open house and a volunteer position, and start making phone calls.

My CT goal tonight is 10. I got 15 on tuesday. I need 10 to hit even, 15 to get Sorrelle food.

I love you all. Thanks for the support.

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Tabetha said...

If your body is telling you to sleep, than sleep. But, make sure that you aren't sleeping just to avoid work, life or people in general. :) That's what I tend to do.

I hope that things'll get better for you - remember to 'smell the roses', as sometimes life passes us by and before we know it the only roses we can smell are on our grave. Morbid, but true. Take 5 minutes per day and do something just for you... and no, basic functions such as eating, shitting and sleeping do not count. ;) 5 minutes - write something? Write a paragraph based off of a prompt? I don't know... :) I am but text on the internets.