July 15, 2008


here I am, on the eve of my very first... business trip, I guess. I'm scared as hell. I mean... I've never done anything like this before.

I mean, so many questions in the last month... What if you don't make money? What if it's hell? It's not like you can just come back... You're going to a place you've never been to where no one speaks english with a bunch of people you've never met? Are you Crazy?

Yeah. But we already knew that.

See, I'm banking on this. I need to prove to myself that I can sell, and that I can make the big bucks. That I'm not satisfied with $8/hour, that I need more. That I can motivate myself for more.

I need to do this.

I'm scared as hell.

Relly doesn't seem to mind. She's going to stay with Aunt Colleen and Uncle Adam, who have both promised to take care of her for me (well, Adam promised not to hurt her). Maybe I should take on her attitude...

Whatever. as long as I get fed.

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Onii said...

You're gonna kick ass and take names, love. Scared as hell is all part of it - same when I took the bus to Ohio. 18 hours on a bus, traveling by myself... I'd never gone farther than Houston. But you'll do great, I know it. <3