July 27, 2008


So, wow, it's been a while since I"ve posted. Things have been wild, insane and super redonculous over the last few days, so this will be a long update. You might want to grab some water or a snack, or run to the washroom before you actually start reading this. Don't worry, I'll wait.

I'm going to go make tea, actually.

Ok, I'm back.

Ready? Ok, here we go:

So, lets start with Hearst. It wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be! I only got one proposal from a very nice Punjabi man, 2 men from foreign countries hit on me, and a very nice French man bought me a drink. I made about $1200 in 4 days!

The really horrible thing was my roomie. She was... intense. Constantly telling me what I was doing wrong, how I was "stupid" with my finances, and she was a close-talker, so she got right up in your face. She was even telling the Supervisor he was wrong...But I discarded most of what she said, because she was smoking a LOT of pot all weekend. Not like, the after-shift, relax and unwind kind. The 3-joints-before -7am kind. also, she slept naked, which was... well, she's in good shape for being 50+, but I could tell that with her clothes on, thanks.

Anyways, so while all of this was going on, I was battling the first cold-sore I'd had in years. The stress of running the branch, preparing for hearst and everything else had totally thrown my body over the edge. So, when I got home, with all of the make-up, the Abreva and the stress, plus the hotel soap and water, my face had pretty much exploded. Add a few mosquitoe bites to the face to that, and I look like I have some kind of leprocy.

So, I can't remember, nor do I care to go back and read, how much I had told you guys about Bradwick Properties. Basically, I had contacted them for a 1 bedroom. They told me that they had one, so I held out hope that if the house didn't go through (I was looking into buying a beautiful duplex, and I got the mortgage approved, but the night before I put in my offer, some one else got it), I would still have Bradwick. Well, right before I left, I found out (by going to their office) that I needed a co-signer. Fine, I sent everything to my mom, she got the paperwork together, looked like everything was going to be fine. Well, I got back, called to see what was going on, and the woman in charge wasn't there. So I called on Thursday when she got back, and she said:

"Well, the application went through, and everything looks fine, but I have nothing for you... we're not taking people into that building under 30 [years old], because we've been having problems with students".

So, that klusterfuck left me with exactly 1 week to find an apartment. So, I went back to Cityview, which was the first building I looked at. It's GORGEOUS, but expensive. Katrina Shrigly, one of the English Profs, used to live in that building!! anyways, they weren't going to have anything until September 1st, so I was looking at couchsurfing for a while.

I want to stop here, and make a note: first, thanks to Colleen and Adam, not just for looking after Relly while I was in Hearst, but also for offering their couch, and offering to let Relly stay with them if I had to go for a "no pet" building. Second: Thanks to all the other people out there who offered up couches or spare rooms while I was looking at storage and living out of my car.

Moving right along, the day I was going to get the application for Cityview (they needed first and last with the application!), I got another call. The name that came up was B BUTTS. So, now, ONE OF YOU NUTTERS has been prank calling me... the number that comes up is 1-234-567-8910. So I thought that this was another prank call. Turns out it wasn't, it was from a place that I had called, wondering if I was still interested in their one-bedroom. So, I went to see it right after Cityview.

And I took it.

It's a basement apartment, yes, but it's full size. the living room is the size of my apartment now, and it has a seperate bedroom with a huge kitchen, FREE LAUNDRY, and a frickin DISHWASHER!! and a shed, all for me! and it's already empty, so I'm going to start moving in Monday night.

So, with all of that going on, work with the Credit Cards hasn't really happened this week. I feel bad, but like I said to Dan, my supervisor, I don't make good numbers when I'm freaked out, and I was freaked out. So, next week I'll have days to hit, and I'll definatly work ALL of next weekend (Civic Holiday weekend, so I'm hoping they'll be open). But, hey, I've got a $1000 paycheque coming to me on Friday, so I'm cool.

Anyways, Red Cross has been awesome and hectic all at once. I'm trying to bring a little more attention to the branch. I'm doing weekly PSAs on the nugget website, placing free Ads on all sorts of free sites, and I'm going to start doing monthy "theme based" Pubilic PSAs for next week. Plus, I spent most of last week getting ready for the BIGGEST course I'd ever put together alone: 13 people! Plus looking at getting together an instructor course, putting together the new registration policy and a client communication record... and Friday night we got a new society-wide contract (meaning that this company has signed a contract with the red cross society to get discounted rates for their employees across canada)... It's been busy, but awesome!

Also, I'm aparently the Red Cross Branch "Ambassador" for the Wal Mart Campaign this year. from August 7-31, go to your local Wal Mart, and donate $1 to your local branch of the Canadian Red Cross. The money works to support our Disaster Management program, specifically the "Personal Disaster assistance" portion, that provides victims of personal disasters (house fires/floods, accidents, evacuations, etc.) by providing vouchers for food, clothing and lodging, and providing 3 days worth of basic needs. Think about all of the supplies YOU would need for yourself and your family for 3 days... it's expensive, especially if you have to live in a hotel. So your $1 will be donated to your local Branch. I'm in charge of North Bay and Huntsville, and possibly New Liskard. I'm going to be coordinating with Dave from Sudbury (aka: the hawt LARPer) to cover more territory in the North, as we have like, 1 volunteer available.

And now, for a bit of a break, I present to you:

A Rant: Screw you Fashion, Screw you a lot.

So, I was in Zellers the other day with Colleen. We were browsing the Clearence racks, and I found some super-pretty clothing, very soft, pretty tops that were on sale.

Of course, they were maternity wear.

Of course, they were super comfy and fit really well.

Of course, I bought them.

At what point did I become an XL? and who the hell really fits into the current "S"?? I mean really, did they change the sizing charts overnight and not tell anyone? I mean... blarg.

Well, screw you, fashion. I'm going to wear maternity clothes if they fit and are comfy, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. Besides, Pregnant chicks get all the hot clothes anyways.

Also: Cold Sores. WHAT THE HELL?? Stupid things. I mean, come on, I know I'm stressed, but this isn't helping. I look like a hooker from the Mosey.

Anyways, That's pretty much everything, really. Nothing else is going on. I'm going to need some help moving. I can't pay, because I'm broke, but I can bribe with the eventual promise of pizza and beer.

I'll update more as the moving process progresses.

Thanks kids. PEACE!!! But... not really. *shrug*

(PS: for those who were wondering, "bleach" is the subject title because I was googling home remidies for cold sores, adn seriously, bleach came up. I considered it, too. They burn like a bitch, and I look like I got punched in the mouth. Cheers!)

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Beatrix said...

Sounds like things are starting to come together a little bit at a time. I know it's rough now, but at least the living arrangements are sorted out and you know you have a sweeeeeet cheque coming. So try to focus on the good stuff - I know, easier said than done, eh? At the very least, I'm happy to listen if you need to rant. I like Sparky Rants. ;)

I too hate fashion. Women's clothing sizing is a sham, just FYI. It's like lottery numbers; they mean nothing, and are totally random. Like I take a particular size in jackets at my store, and in another store, I'll need something five sizes up from what I wear from Cleo. SHAM!

I really wish you were down here. You clearly need some cat wine and cookies.