July 28, 2008

Dr. Do-Little

I think I'm almost willing to take back all those things I said about Dr. Del'Aquilla all those years ago when he misdiagnosed my mono. I can totally get behind a doc who just writes the damned script. I was in his office for 5 minutes, and in that time, I got 2 new scripts and 2 refills with no questions asked. Gooderham would have lectured me about every form of venerial disease under the sun if I'd gone in there for the flu. This guy just said: "Cold sore? Ok, here's this. and that? looks a little infected. Here's some penicillin."

Thank you, Dr. Dipwit. Seriously...

So, now I have something to kill this damned cold sore, and I use that 3-4 times a day.

And I have something for some infected spots I let get out of hand. I take those 4 times a day.

And I'm on a high-yoghurt diet to stave off the effects of the antibiotics, which is good, cause I likes yog.

So, after that mess, I met my new landlord. Seems like a cool guy... works a lot of midnights, plays a lot of video games. Cool beans.

Tonight, I'm researching "Magic Bullet Blenders" online, and going through my clothes. I need to cut down. I'm going to try and minimize my "Stuff" as much as I can. Less Stuff, less clutter.

I think I"m going to forego the yard sale and just give my crap to whoever wants it. Srsly, no1 wants my crap, yo.

Damnit, this Zova-whatever itches. Maybe that means it's killing the bug. Mmmm dead viruses. Delish.

Relly is very, very confused. She thinks I'm leaving her... she won't let me out the door. I feel bad for her, but she'll like the new place.

I do. :)

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