July 8, 2008

Play by Play

So, it's day two of the collossal failure that is my current situation. I come into the office this morning, my face swolen, my eyes red and puffy, my head throbbing and my whole body aching. I pull into the driveway, hoping with everything that I have that today will be a quiet day and I can just hide in my office, beg for housing and avoid any major confrontation with the public.

I'm in my office less than an hour when Megan realizes that the water dispenser was full when we left yesterday, and is now less than a quarter full. Where did all the water go?

On my office floor (by the wall where I don't usually stand), and into the vents, that's where.

If this is all some kind of cosmic test, man, I'm looking for the panic button... the emergency stop? Pause?


1 comment:

Tabetha said...

When the rather large "cosmic test" comes your way, all you can do is brace yourself, pull up an umbrella and wait for the 'shit hitting fan' moment to cease.

I honestly feel that you need a moment of actual meditation. You need to find a moment of peace within the whole situation. From what I understand of such teachings, some words of wisdom are: If it isn't this, it would be something else.

Now, all of this advice is hypocritical, of course. I can spew it out, but I should begin to take my own advice. :) Alas, the cliche of "easier said than done" comes to mind.