July 7, 2008

Karma's Chamber Pot

So, Laura illegally showed my apartment today. Meaning: she called today as she was going coming to show the place without giving me notice, and entered my apartment without my permission (I didn't get the message because I was at work, so I couldn't give permission), then called and humiliated me for a good 10 minutes.

Fuck you, Laura. Fuck you good.

She asked me if I was even looking for apartments. At all.

Then she asked me if I needed her to get me boxes from work.

Then she told me that she can't even show the place until I move out, because no one in their right mind would want it.

Now, admittedly, I'm a slob. But I worked my ASS off Sunday, the day she was SUPPOSED to be showing the house but didn't, the day I made arrangements for my Cat so she wouldn't be there, and the place is clean. this morning there were dishes and the bed wasn't made, BECAUSE I FUCKING LIVE HERE. I get up and have breakfast and shower and shit. I LIVE in this apartment. I don't just sit as still as humanly possible and not touch anything for fear of dust, and I do occasionally eat things.

So anyways, I'm out. I'm done. Thanks so much, and I love this place, but I'm out. Tomorrow I'm going back to Bradwick properties to see if they're done dicking me around and are ready to give me an interview, or if they're just using my application as a coaster. If it's the latter, I'm going with the house (I hope), and I'll just have to couch surf for a while.

So... Anyone willing to offer a couch?

Also, I was on Cogeco North Bay News tonight, but I was to depressed to watch.



Onii said...

I'd offer you a couch to sleep on. Hell, I'd even offer a bed to sleep in. =) But failing that(distance, boooo) you could maybe talk to Colleen? I don't know... =[

Laura sounds like a douche that needs her tires slashed and her mailbox set on fire.

Beatrix said...

Sadly, she's not in violation of the Residential Tenancies Act - I checked. However, look it over online when you have time; you might be able to bust her for something else. Like this one:

"A landlord shall not harass, obstruct, coerce, threaten or interfere with a tenant. 2006, c. 17, s. 23."