May 1, 2008

Are you interested in recieving $5 in free gas or Canadian Tire Money?

Cause, I'm sure as hell not. But I'm gonna force you to sign up for the card anyways. Cause that's what I do. That's my job, and I have a quota to meet.

I want a job in my field. Instead, I'm forcing the elderly and people with money they can't afford to spend into deeper debt for the sake of $5.75 per application.

I think this is a new low, people.

I'm still hunting. I'm still... I'm still sending out resumes. I need to start doing follow-up calls, because aparently that's the "thing" now.

My birthday was ok. My mom and nan and grandad came up the weekend before, so that was FanTasTic. I got facial-type stuff, and Sweeny Todd, and season 1 of Criminal Minds... But also, I got to see Mom and Grandad and Nan, which made the weekend, really.

Day of my birthday, other than getting, like 20 facebook wall posts and a thread on ZetaChannel, I slept in, had a 3 hour nap, went to the interview for my new jawb, then a proper volunteer orientation for the red cross. Then Colleen and I went for Dinner at BP (they totally screwed up my order, but whatev), and I was home before midnight. And then I stayed up playing packrat and pretending to be a rockstar.

So... pretty much as the same thing I do every day.

I think I might trot up to the LCBO on Saturday, after I try on this whole quota thing. Buy a bottle of cheap wine.

And drink it.

With a side of strawberries.

And more wine.

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