April 22, 2008

The Tuesday Night Blog...

And it all starts with 2 words tonight, folks:

Feckin' Weird.

Ever been to limbo? That's where I am. It's kind of like purgatory; it's not great, but it's not bad, but at the same time, there's this just bizare feeling that comes with it. It's like walking a tight rope and waiting to see which way the wind will push you, because you can't jump. One way is terrifying because it's all new and unknown, which isn't bad, but still scary. The other way is still new, but familiar too, and it's not so much scary as frustrating, annoying and... retail. But as much as you hold out the pole, check your balance and don't look down, you still have to wait for the damned wind to make up it's mind.

Anyways, that's really how I"ve been feeling. I mean, hey, I don't really mind this whole "unemployed" thing, in that I can do stuff that I want to do, like sleep in, and go for Caeser Salad with Colleen in the middle of the night (I learnd-ed about languages!), and not really have to worry about doing my make-up in the morning (not that I really ever did), but at the same time... I'm so worried about everything from money to... ok, well money is the big one, but it's all the things that stem from it. Money = loans get paid off sooner. Money = either repairing or replacing (!!) the MeeperMobile. Money = you know, rent and food... Plane tickets... one can only dream, I suppose.

But that's been the thing preoccupying my mind the last few days... weeks... I knew it was coming, but I didn't expect it to feel this strange. That's all.

In other news: This past week, I got an invitation in the mail to a wedding! Congratulations to Geoff and Tabetha (Tabetha's Oddesy)! How cool is it that this will be the first wedding I attend that isn't family or family friends? I'm kind of excited... I just don't know what to do for a guest. Katie said she'd go with me, just because she loves weddings so much... I would love it if Michael could go, but it just won't be doable. Other than that... No one up here now was around from that crew, really. It will be nice to see people again (depending of course on who got invited... I actually don't know).

More Wedding News: ...No, not me, you dipwit. I'm crazy, I'm not totally insane.

Meaghan and her partner in sarcasm, Adam, are now betroved. It turns out that he actually went out and got her the ring she's been drooling over since Mappins, so points for him. The wedding probably won't be this year, but I'm so totally going. Megs said so.

Colleen bought a couch and a lamp this week, also. :) I was awestruck by her couch buy-ing abilities, and the lamp is Sex-Ay. Katie moved back to the sticks, so I am Katie less... I'm less my person! Boo on that! And, my mom, nan and grandad are all coming to visit me and Relly this coming weekend. Should be an adventure. I may even get groceries out of the deal!

I guess that's all to report for now, really. The excitement seems to be in the lives of others this time around. Tomorrow I'm hitting the streets, coating this town in a thick layer of "Oh please god hire me!!!!!" Thursday will likely be much of the same. Now, I must close the labs, and be off to bed.

More later, my lovlies.

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Onii said...

You wench! You blog-linked me! *grins* <3 Sounds like limbo is weird indeed... and also kind of sounds like my summers, when I have no class and nothing to do. Anyways. I do wish I could make the wedding, but as you said, it's pretty undoable. =( *gropes and snuggles*