April 13, 2008

Lengthy update-y-ness

Dear lord, it's been a while since I've posted, hasn't it? Geez, I guess it's just easier when things aren't going well, isn't it? Now that things are going luke-warmly well, I guess I just didn't feel that I had anything really exciting to say... So, I'll work backwards, and see if I end up at the beginning...? (yay for sleep deprived...)

Last night was the "Last Bash '08", and we all got one hell of a wicked suprise when Mr. Vegan walked through the door... That's right, Devin showed up! We didn't even know he was in town! It was fantastic to see him again, and it really reminded us all of last year and the awesomeness there in. All in all, good night, despite the "Socratese Fiasco" (a friend who was drunk enough to call himself Socratese and start quoting many, many major philosophers, had to be carried home. Literally... I was under one arm, Jason under the other, and we all but carried him up the stairs with him begging us to cut him off next time... ). Jason and I actually got the oppertunity to have a really good talk, which made me happy... He's such a facinating person, and I really admire him, not just for his acting, but for his groundedness and his logicalness (yeah, I don't think that's a word either...)

Also at the Last Bash, I got to make a pretty huge announcement that took many by suprise: I'm taken. That's right, my lovely readers, Sparky is no longer single. I haven't been able to edit my Facebook status yet (good god...), but I'm in a long-distance relationship with Texas Boy. It's all officialized and such, we just have to... you know... meet in real life.

For those of you not in North Bay who haven't heard me gush yet... Texas Boy (aka Oniichan aka Michael) and I have "known" eachother for about 3 years, 2 of those as pen pals. We started writing eachother after someone in XForums/Zetachannel (forums we both frequented) posted about how she never got anything but bills in the mail, and how she wanted people to send her things like cards, letters and postcards. Michael and I kept up the letter writing (intermittantly, as I'm an admittedly horrible pen pal...) and got closer as time went on. We started talking in real time (msn, phone calls) at about the beginning of the month, and he really makes me happy. He's very laid back, understanding and very funny. Without going into too much detail without permission, Michael came to Texas from Germany (a thousand apologies here... I had been saying Grece... Not sure why that is...) when he was 8, and learned English in school. He plays D&D (fantastic +1) and he is working on some sort of Theatre Degree (he has an associates, which I believe is like a diploma here)... He's getting his Bachelors of Science next year, which I believe is somehow based on the number of science courses he's taken, not on his concentration, which is Theatre (mostly costume design). He's planning to get his Masters too.

So, yes, I'm happy-dizzy with that whole "luv" thing. We're talking about trying to meet... I want to go to Texas this summer, but I don't know if I'll be able to afford it. And he wants to come here next year, once he graduates with a Bachelors. Then... I don't know. If all goes well, which I really hope it does, there might be a move involved for me... He's told me that he's willing to move to Canada for me, and I think I'd be willing to move to the States for him. We've talked about Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago or Corpus Christi, TX (where he's from), to try and find a place where there's work for both of us, He as a costume designer, and me as a social worker of some sort.

Though, that works as a nice seguey into the next section of this post (yes, folks, there's more...): Jobs. I needs one. I've put in for a couple, but haven't heard back yet. I need something to start OSAP payments, VISA payments and Credit Line payments before I can even start thinking about plane tickets and hotels. and yes, I know the best way for me to get a job is to get the hell out of this town, but for now, I really can't. I've got people here... my people. It took 6 years to put down these roots, and I think I'm just too afraid to leave it behind. At least for now. We'll see. If a year from now I'm over-worked in a not-my-field job, and underpaid, then yes, I'll head back to London or jet it for Sudbury. For now, I just need to stay. Something out there wants me to stay for now. I think something's about to happen, I just don't know what.

So, today I'm working on my end-of-term projects, and my cover letters. And listening to mind-blowingly awesome tunes. Let's update the list of songs I'm desperatly in love with, shall we?

1. Never too Late - Three Days Grace
2. Wicked Games (acoustic) - Three Days Grace covering Chris Issac
3. Over You - Daughtry
4. It's not Over (live, acoustic) - Daughtry
5. The Moment I said it - Imogen Heap
6. Everybody's Fool - Evanessance
7. Cornflake Girl - Tori Amos
8. Me and a Gun - Tori Amos
9. Hold On - KT Tunstall
10. American Girl (acoustic) - Sugarland covering Tom Petty
11. Before he Cheats - Carrie Underwood
12. Everything I do (live) - Celine Dion and Brian Adams (shuddup)
13. Dancing - Elisa
14. Insatiable - Darren Hayes
15. Hips Don't Lie (whatever Remix was playing at Courtney's last night)

Yeah, I suck with the music choices, but I like it. Somethin to groove too.

Anyways, I should stop procrastination and get to work. I'll try to post again the next time something interesting happens, and I promise I'll try not to gush and get all sappy-happy about Texas.

No matter how much I may want to.

That's all for now! Cheers!


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Onii said...

Aieee, relationship! How crazy is that? I'm all smiley and stuff, but at the same time still getting used to the idea. But it's such a lovely idea indeed. *hugs and snuggles*

fayane said...

To be quite honest, Texas scares the fuck out of me and I'd be a sad sad mess if you were to leave Canada. But I'm so incredibly happy for you!!!