April 2, 2008


I'm too tired for this. I just want to throw the day tomorrow and spend the day in bed. After today, I don't see why not. It wasn't really that bad. really, it was fun to hang out with the students... the only ones who haven't blatantly backstabbed me. But being home now, I'm just so damned tired. I feel wrought out like an old dishrag.

I found out today that I'm not getting a job at the NTH. The job that I applied for, and wasn't allowed to be interviewed for because I was a placement student, was given to a placement student that has only been there for the last 3 weeks, whose biggest and most blatant concern is the paycheque. Then colleen and I had it out over email over a job. Then we found out that the agency project Tabithe is passing on to me needs to be totally re-done, because the numbers didn't alphabetize with the names, and because staff didn't get us the info we needed on time, the project that took 3 weeks for Tabi to complete now has to be completed by yesterday, which means I not only have tomorrow to re-start and finish what took her 3 weeks, I also only have 1 day to do my agency project.

Screw this. I'll graduate, but I'm getting myself a job cleaning hotel rooms until I can afford to get lost somewhere. Yet another useless piece of paper. Go post-secondary.


Beatrix said...

You can absolutely find work in your field. But you need to get the fuck out of North Bay. Start looking elsewhere. Srsly.

Ginny said...

Concured. Double time.

If you want a job, no matter what the field, you have to be willing to move around a bit. That's what I did.

Anonymous said...

trust me when i say, THE JOBS ARE FRICKING OUT THERE! don't lose hope because north bay is a cesspool of stupidity! you'll be awesome!