March 25, 2008


Sparky's blogging. It must be Tuesday.

Sorry I haven't been on as much... wait, no I'm not. I say that every time. YOU should be apologuising to ME for expecting me to post more.

See? This is how tired I am.

Nothing spectacular has been going on recently. There was the Great Ham Challenge of 2008 (45mins-1hour of me and Katie driving around North Bay trying to find an open grocers, screaming about Easter Sunday and its enharent lack of ability to let us find one more ham...), The Moment of Joy (I found the usb key with Sweet Hearts on it, so I can finally finish it!) and the new, kind of in progress Great Texas Escape.

So, I kinda need a passport.

Other than that, nothing major has happened. Sorrelle and I got to play today, and that was awesome. For being a relativly quiet cat, man, can she leap.

Um... yeah, that's pretty much it. I don't lead a terribly interesting life now that SoS is done. it's wierd to have all this time at home (which basically means at least 2 days a week), and now that people are into exams and whatnot, people don't want to go out anymore. People are working on the whole "moving" thing (cause, I guess that's what you do after you graduate?), and... yeah, SoS is over, so no more post-rehearsal BP runs. hmm. I miss their fries.

This week looks to be kind of dull, though, I may have an oppertunity to work this Saturday as a "Student Ambassador"... 6 hours of pretending I like this place? I can handle that.

I'm going to do a lab check, then play some more PackRats. Facebook has officially eaten my life.

But that's ok.

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Onii said...

I like the sound of this Great Texas Escape. Did you ever end up finding a ham? I do like ham.. but generally mostly at Christmas. Mmm, ham. And yay to finding the Sweet Hearts usb!