March 18, 2008

Little hugs and squeezes...

...No, that's a line from the play. Nothing's going on. Trust me.

anyways, small update so that people know I'm still alive (which is kind of a lie, but whatever), and so Megs doesn't send Adam to intimidate me into posting.

I'm still at NTH. I'm with Tara now instead of Sylvie. That is taking some getting used to, as Tara's a little more black-and-white than Sylvie was. There's been some moving around, and now it's a whole new house, which is nice... there's only a few "high need" people left.

Noises Off went wonderfully. We didn't break any financial records, but I think the audience loved it enough that it didn't really matter. And only 1 major injury this year! (Andrej doesn't count, because he intentionally throws himself around that stage like a rag doll. And no, the "j" isn't a typo).

Alysia, my brilliant (, with awards and stuff) cousin, got her G1 and a job at Zellers! Which is redonculous, because if she's really 16, then I'm... Old. Gah.

Also, one of the residents asked me the other night if I was pregnant. Damnit, that's twice now. anyone needing a birthday gift for me, here's a hint: it rhymes with Fiposuction.

Speaking of which, I'll probably be spending my birthday in North Bay this year. alone. For the first time Ever. So, people are going to need to start planning for that one. Like, you. Soon. I'm turning 24, so... you know... make me feel less old.

The job hunt thing is going... well, meh. I'm expanding my search parameters to include Sudbury and Parry Sound, and still coming up pretty short. I might have to leave North Bay for this one. We'll see.

and finally, I have a cold. Sucks.

Other than that... blarg. Just need a little help from my friends to prevent me from turning into a hermit or a workoholic or a hobo. Because I can't live and work at the NTH at the same time.

Seriously, that's a rule.

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