February 1, 2008


Well, sportsracers, I'm back.

I can't remember where things were at the last time I updated, and I'm far too tired to go back and read up...

Placement is going smashingly... 12 hours doesn't feel like 12 hours, even on the first day when all I did was read manual after manual. Phones ring and doors open and...it's interesting. Even the interaction with children has its moments... Not that I'd ever consider even slightly examining the possibility of potentially thinking of having one of my own. Evar.

So, that's the good. The bad will be next week... Doesn't look like I"m actually going to be able to sleep for about 3 days. But I can't not go to another NFF meeting... they'll think I'm in it for the publicity. And I can't just stop going to the gym, but I'll be able to do that in the morning before I go to the meeting. and I can't not go to the VM production meeting, but that's only... wait. frick.

Ok, so I do 7pm-7am, to the gym for 8am, to the meeting for 9am, done by 11am (better be...), and I WORK 4-10... Not 7pm to 7am. Oops... and then I'm back at the TH from 7am-7pm...


I'll sort it out.

and don't worry, I will sleep. Just... intermittantly. Coffee time.

Moving along, the Suck. What's the suck? That I had to turn down decent money (aka same rate, different hours) working for Mike so that I can open the labs from 10-3pm, and have no one show up. Boo. And I can't work for him on Tuesday either.

Not that I'm really physically up for that right now. I really, REALLY need to work on my upper body strength... Though I decided that when I was practicing the heimlick manouver on that dummy... I couldn't even do one full thrust!

But now, I must sleep. For tomorrow is another day... *sigh*...*happily, but with great exhaustion*

I'm ok, really. I just need a few more hours in a day, you know?

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