February 2, 2008

weird how things work

So, Amanda from All Heart was in the computer labs today! It was great to see her. Though, she gave me some rather disheartening news: the cats from all Heart went to Georgian last Friday... She forgot about me and Sorrelle. So, I was disappointed, until Amanda told me that had Sorrelle gone to Georgian, she would have been gone for 6 weeks, not 2...

6Weeks?? Are you joking me?? No way could I be without my baby for that long! So, I guess it kind of worked out for the best... Amanda suggested that I try to work something out with Kathy about going to one of the vets in town that works with the All Heart animals and seeing if she'll do it.

So anyways, I'm here in the lab, wishing I was home in bed. Boo. But, since I'm here, I'm going to the Gym after work. May as well, eh? I mean, there's a lot of stairs in that house, and I need to be able to run up and down them without getting winded. :)

Getting out of bed was hard this morning. I even whacked the snooze in the middle of a really good song. Sorrelle was not impressed. She's also not impressed at the fact that she can't just walk anymore, she has to jump over stuff... Maybe I should clean tonight. I'm off tomorrow, and I'll need to stay up late-late on Sunday to be able to do the 7pm-7am on Monday. Murr. Oh, well, I don't mind nights.

Back to Facebook I go... I might actually clean-clean the labs (aka: wipe the monitors with a damp cloth...) today, just for something to do. Once I get sick of Scrabulous, Scramble, Hangman, SplashBlast and Mental Blocks, of course.

Right on.

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