February 5, 2008

A change of plan. (kinda long)

So, on Sunday, Colleen and I went out to the Pet Rescue to "look at kitties" (aka: clean cat cages, bowls and litter pans for 4 hours!). While there, I talked to Kathy, who told me that there is in fact another "batch of cats" going to Georgian on Friday, and that they're only going for 2 weeks.

So, on Thursday, Colleen and I will be driving Miss. Relly to Powassan to await her chariot to Georgian College.

This must be how a mom feels sending her kids to summer camp... I'm glad she's going, because she needs to get spayed (oh, lord, how she needs to get spayed...), and I know that if there are any complications that she'll be well taken care of. I'm also a little nervous, incase something does go wrong, or they forget her food, or she gets put in a cage with another cat and they get into a fight... I'm also kind of sad that I have to send her... She's going to be mad enough spending the night in the shelter, but to be gone for 2 weeks, I'm worried that she'll think I've given her up again. So I've got the blanket Nana (mom) gave her on the bed, and we both sleep on it every night, so I'm hoping it will hold my scent for her, and that they'll let her take it with her.

I'm also a little concerned that she'll get sick again. There was a rather nasty bit of conjunctivitis going around the shelter, and it looked like a couple of the cats had upper-resp. I know she's strong and healthy, but I'd like to keep her that way, and I can only imagine what she'll be exposed to from other cats at Georgian, and especially with Surgery... I'm trying not to think about it.

But, while she's gone, I'm going to try and make the best of things... I'm working a fair bit, which will keep me busy, but I'd also like to get my mitts on a carpet cleaner. Like, shampoo-er, or something. See, the vaccume I got for Christmas I've only had for a month, really, and I"ve only used in my apartment about 3 times. However, when I took it apart to clean it the other night, the thing was friggin crammed with dust... almost to the point of having to buy a new filter (I think I have to actually order them in). I have no idea when the last time that carpet was shampooed was, and honestly, I try not to think about it. Plus, I've had a total of 5 cats through there now, and with the insane amount of salt they're putting down, plus all the carpet fresh and baking soda that's been on that thing... Something tells me my grey carpet may actually be white under all of it. So I want to get as clean as possible, right into the nitty-gritty. And, I mean, I want to rip the kitchen apart and actually mop the thing (sweeping isn't getting it clean anymore...), and I need to wash down the walls, thanks to the stupid spiders that just won't piss off. And, I'm going to be bringing back my chairs and my plants from Sarah's as soon as possible, once she leaves, PLUS on Saturday my land-people are dropping by to fix the draughts around the door and kitchen and bathroom windows! Horray! (They asked why the heating bill had gone up... They weren't angry at all, they just wanted to know what the deal was).

So, really, it's good that she's going for a bit, so I can get some things sorted out. And, I mean, between yesterday and tomorrow night, she'll only see me for a total of 12 hours, and I'll be sleeping the whole time... So, I'm sure that once she gets back, I'll be able to stay awake for more than a half-hour after I get home.

Shift work is pretty brutal. I had my first midnight (mids) shift last night... blarg. Everything was awesome until about 4am. We counseled, we wrote file notes, we swept, mopped, Sylvie vaccumed while I wiped down the furnature, we cleaned highchairs and made breakfast, I got most of my Assignment 1 done (though, now I'm thinking about going back and changing my goals and objectives, because they sound kind of juvenile now...), and updated my "journals" for this week and last. We did everything as fast as we could too, because we had gotten a call that there may have been an admit coming in (the client never called back to do the phone interview in the end...)

Then 4am hit. We were almsot done mopping, everyone was asleep, and I crashed bigtime. I swear, I was starting to hallucinate. I couldn't even read anymore. I got a headache, but even that wasn't enough to keep me awake... I had to make coffee around 5:30am, and I swear I could have drank 4 of them (no, mom, I only had one, I knew I would have to make the most of the sleep I would be getting).

As soon as I got home, I emailed NFF to tell them I wouldn't be able to make the meeting. I felt horrible, because I've missed the last 3, and because today they were going to be talking about implementing the school program, and I really want to be a part of that. But to be honest, I was home by 7:30am, and out cold by 8am. Rolling over and seeing that it was 1:30pm, and knowing that the alarm was set for 2pm was almost heartbreaking. Relly and I stayed in bed watching the weather network until 3pm, praying for a major blizzard that shuts down everything that moves so we wouldn't have to leave our warm comfy sopts (she was actually curled up on my chest so my chin was resting on her back... I swear she was trying to keep me pinned down!)

Anyways, so Now I'm at work... hence the long post. It's 5pm, and I've already had to re-fill the printers... Now I'm just trying to stay awake. I'm actually going to wipe everything down tonight... Anything to keep me up till 10pm... Getting up at 5am is goign to be le suck.

C'est le vie, eh? If all goes as planned, this may actually become my life... Not that anything's at all been said. Officially.

Stay Tuned, sportsracers, we're in for a wicked ride.

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Beatrix said...

Why not take her to a vet in town who can spay her, keep her one night and then send her home to you?