January 23, 2008

A Letter

Ever wish you could send someone a letter, but you just can't? You write it all down, how angry, frustrated, upset with, saddened or crushed by or in love with a person you are, but you just can't send it, for fear of them actually recieving it?

Well, that's what blogs are for. :)

Dear UnNamed:

I would seriously consider your words and actions this coming weekend, especially if you're considering joining us at Cecils. I understand that, from the party that will be joining us from Southwestern Ontario, you will want to see some of your friends whom you have not seen in a while. You're welcome to join us, as long as you are aware that certain friends of mine whom you have a tendancy to cause issue with will also be in attendance.

As Ducky, Sarah, Meaghan and Devin are my friends as well, I feel it fair to warn you that they have, in fact, requested a vacation weekend, free of "Ass-Hattery". While I understand that sometimes in our group ass-hattery is unavoidable, I plan to do my best to keep it under control, which may include asking certain people to leave if things become unmanagable.

I have basically absolved myself from your specific situation. Italy is no longer my concern, as I set my sights on a few nights in South Carolina and an eventual move to Sudbury, somewhere safer and closer to home. (don't worry, faithful readers, there's more on the literal meaning of that to come...) However, my friendship with certain people prevent me from ignoring you completely. It seems that at least one member of my party has apologuised to you for events that have transpired over the last month, and you blatantly refused to acknowledge this. Your method of dealing with the whole situation has caused enough stress to cause severe health problems for more than one of my friends, so you can understand why I am aprehensive about having everyone in the same room with alcohol for more than a few minutes. Any apprehension or anxiety caused to myself or my friends would be disasterous, to say the least.

Keep in mind, of course, that this is in no way a threat. A threat would state: "So much as speak to the people I care about and I'll put you on the floor, and not in a loving way..." That's not at all what I said. I have spoken to the other parties involved, realizing that they cannot be held blameless, and they have agreed to leave well enough alone. I will now politely suggest that you do the same. And you know how few and far between my polite suggestions can be.

With Regards,

P.S: If you're going to post to a livejournal account, please, LEARN TO SPELL, or at least make an attempt. From what I've seen, English is not your strong point, I suggest ENGL1501/1502.

And another...

Dear Classmate:

I appreciate your boisterous and somewhat over-the-top personality. And at times, you can be wise and ask intuitive questions which generate new learnings for us all.

However, your conduct today was somewhat... embarassing. I mean, part of Applied Suicide Intervention is talking about suicide, which is a topic which I believe future SSWs should take very seriosuly. I feel that your spontanious applause and outbursts during lectures and your... at times inappropriate questions somewhat cheapened the experiance.

I would suggest that you seriously consider the implications of your...outgoingness and the timing of your laughter, especially while people are sharing their experiances with suicide.

Thank you for your consideration.

One more:
Dear Britney Spears..

...ugh, never mind, I don't have the stamina.



Anonymous said...

There is asshatery, and nastiness. I agree that nastiness must be avoided as we are only there for two days, and we want to have fun....The typical asshatery that is SOS and our group of friends.......thats kinda the part I miss loL! Lacey honey, you got better things to worry about. Someone wrecks Sarah's weekend and I will kick there ass.....you can just sit back and eat popcorn!

Feel better!

Beatrix said...

Oohh! Oooh!! If Lacey gets popcorn for watching the ass-kicking, I'll being cookies . . . and margaritas. Oh, and beer for Devin. :D

I refuse to let asshatary, jackassary, fucktardary, or any other 'ary' to ruin this weekend. It's my only weekend off, my first time off in weeks, and my last chance to see Miss Sarah. We're going to make it fucking AWESOME.

Ginny said...

I wish I knew what was going on...

But yes, anybody being stupid will become stupid for the rest of their lives as I beat them over the head for their stupidity.


colleen said...

Fuckwittery is a good one too. Hope the weekend was good.

PS: Suicide isn't funny.