February 26, 2008

Typical Misadventures

I want to apologuize for...parts of my last post. While I will always defend my friends, Sarah is right... I had no right to be as angry as I was. It was a knee-jerk reaction (I should really get my knees checked...) to rude comments posted on a couple of fellow bloggers journals, and as well to some other situations that really ruffled my feathers. Really, I've had enough of all the bickering, and I think the best bet for me is to really stay out of it. So, again, I'm sorry if I offended anyone.

That said... ARG. some days, man, I want to stab people with RUSTED SPOONS. Yeah, you knew it would be back, didn't you. I keep that spoon on reserve at all times... I think it's really time for me to get out of the academic scene. I mean, I'm even starting to feel unwelcome in SoS... which is crazy, I know, but when a condition of tech weekend happening is that I not attend any of it, I start to feel a little... well, like it's time to move on. Or, get the hell out of dodge, I suppose.

Sorrelle is better now... She's still being an idiot and jumping when she shouldn't be, but she's not high anymore, and she's eating and drinking again. I suppose that's a good thing. I just really hope she doesn't do any damage while I'm gone, and that she stops licking the site... I'm going to have to get her hydrogen peroxide to keep it clean, and I can't imagine that will taste good.

I heard from Mom this morning... All seems to be well in sunny Florida. I'm hoping that she gets a chance to relax, and that Teddy and Ash are ok at home.

Tonight, I'm going to send the last of the press releases for the Vagina Monologues out, start working on the program for that, and start typing out some of my placement notes, so that creating the final journal won't be totally confusing. I have to meet with the V-Mon team at 4:30, and I have an exec meeting at 5... I should really stop scheduling things during my work hours.

But right now, I just want to crawl out of my skin. I don't even want to nap, because I've started dreaming about the house (specifically about getting fired by my grade 1 teacher... Weird). I just want to be somewhere quiet.

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