February 26, 2008

Public Service Announcement

I'm kinda burnt. The last 2 weeks have been hard on me, personally and professionally. I'm tired, and I'm running out of "me" for things outside of NTH. I still havent's figured out how I'm going to memorize a monologue in a week... I'll come up with something.

But, there are those of you who need a reminder, and those of you who are new and could do with the warning: I may be exhausted. I may be burnt black. I may be violently ill or lying on my death bed. I may be a million miles away. But despite any of this, I will defend my friends until I take my last breath, despite their faults. Even when I'm in the middle, as I am now, I will help those I can: There are resources in this town for single moms, for rent, for emergencies and for pets that I have connections to, and even if those aren't needed, I will be there for support.

But no one calls my friends disgusting (and low-brow) names. No one judges my friends without cause. And I promise you, childish attempts to intimidate my friends from 6 hours away are not tolerated.

That's all, for now. And to those of you who know what I'm specifically refering to, reign in your dog, and let it drop. thanks.

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Sarah said...

In that same respect, it's not your place to make threats or 'warnings' either. Like I said, it's been handled.