January 8, 2008


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but uttering threats of bodily harm is a hybrid offence under the Canadian Criminal Code carrying a sentance of up to 5 years, depending on how it's tried.

But, wait, if we've learned nothing from NUSU over the last few years, it's that slander and defamation of character are criminal offences, too... though, I think only 6 have ever actually made it to trial, other than last year's fiasco.

Good god... you know, if I was a social worker right now, I'd have to report you all. It's a good thing you're not children... you just act like it.

Look people, the hatchet is buried, under 6 feet of cement no less. The damage is done, do we really need to make it worse with threatening, intimidation and melodrama? I honestly don't know who to believe right now: good friends who I've known for years, or... well, the other side.

I'm obviously guilty of both above mentioned offences, but this is my glass house, and I'll throw what I like. None of us need this right now. And as much fun as this little war has been, I'm hanging a white flag over my door and calling it a day: I don't have the strength.

But if I hear ANY of you have actually caused ANY harm to anyone involved, I'll be back, both barrels blazing. And right now, I'd get off Not Criminally Responsible due to mental illness stemming from the exhaustion of coming up with the euphamisms in this post.

Just knock it the hell off, will ya? Thanks.


Beatrix said...

Good god, what have I missed? :/

Ginny said...

Holy shit fuck!

What the hell is going on up there???

Anonymous said...

Ah North Bay....how I don't miss it lol! Love you honey!