December 2, 2007


So, today was joyful good and terrible bad and all points inbetween.

Colleen and I braved the weather to go to the pet rescue. I was sad that we didn't have more donations, but Kathy was very thankful for what they got. And I got a special treat today: Rusty and Mumma are back at the rescue! Rusty looks so different... She's big and pudgy! And her colours are a bit darker! She's beautiful, but crazy... She needs to be able to run free! Mumma still looks lovely. She's still got a bit of the eye thing going on. Amanda still has Worry and Pickles, and Worry still has ongoing eye problems, but other than that, they're all doing well.

So, then Colleen and I hung out a bit, had a nice lunch, and I went to Shaun's house to tutor him for 2 hours. He wasn't home. Odd, but whatever, I went home, and there was a message on my machine.

Aparently, I was supposed to work today. Commense Meltdown. I honestly had no idea I was supposed to work today. the last time I checked the schedule, I swear all I had were the 2 tuesdays. But I don't remember for sure. Maybe I wrote it down wrong. Twice. Maybe I really just didn't see it. I honestly don't remember. I really, honestly didn't think I had to work. If I did, I would have been there, because I really, really need the money. So, I have to go in early tomorrow morning to talk to Leette. I'm terrified that I'm going to lose my job. I really, really am. I just wish I could say for sure that I wasn't scheduled, so it wasn't my fault because no one told me, or that I was scheduled, so it was my fault.

So, because I'm neurotic like that, I spent the rest of the day cleaning. I cleaned the bathroom and the stove. I washed all of my underware by hand. I vaccumed the floor, washed and sterilized the litter box and the scoop and cleared off the counter. I discovered the draft in my door. I washed the windows and the mirrors.

I still feel like crap. I mean, I wanted today to clean, but not like this. I finally thought things were looking up, you know... it was the perfect job. I mean, I worked really hard not to screw it up... I never left early, and if I wasn't there on time, it was because I was in class and covering a shift, but I got the keys before class, and they knew I was going to be late, and I wasn't even late, because I was in the school. The ONLY time I was ever late was because my car ran out of gas on the way to school and I had to wait for a cab up from the middle of Gormanville.

I just... I was really hoping I wouldn't screw it up this time, you know?
We'll see what happens tomorrow.

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