December 5, 2007

So... Cold...

I love this time of year. It's so pretty, and Christmas is coming, but I hate this time of year too. There are exams, and driving sucks, and people disappoint me with their Scrooge-ly-ness... But all of that I can deal with. What I can't deal with is the cold. And I'm not talking the out-side-cold.

There are 2 seperate and distinct drafts in my kitchen. I have the heat cranked to 30 (which is as high as it goes), I'm in a sweater, a shirt, a tank-top, pajama pants, socks and a blanket, and I'm still chilled. The other night, I had to turn the oven on to warm the place up. Murrrrr.

Anyways, I actually have some of my Christmas shopping done! Yay! And I still have a job! Yay! Now I need to start my Christmas Cards and gifties. I also found a really interesting recipie for Home Made Crackers. Kinda wanna try it. Need butter. I may have to do a baker's run sometime on the weekend. I have no butter, which makes cooking anything difficult. And I need supplies for my gifties. Mason Jars mostly. More on that... eventually.

Not tonight though. Tonight, I'll be doing dishes, so I can stop eating rice out of tupperware containers. I should also clean out my other binder so I can finish my last non-exam project of the year... Stoopid Toolbox. I mean, it makes sense, and I kinda have things that I want in it, but I hate the fact that she's forcing us to put things into it that we're never going to use.

So, I'm going to do that. Then I'm going to bed. Then tomorrow, I will rant about the Golden Compass, and how once again, Bible Thumpers have taken things way the hell out of context. I want to say it won't offend anyone, but, What fun would that be?

P.S: Someone PLEASE remind me to buy stamps!!!!!!

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