December 9, 2007

Brand new day?

Tomorrow will be a ME day.

Tonight, I went around and "winterized" the house. Basically, I used paper towel and a butter knife to stuff all of the drafty spots, then turned the heat down 5 degrees. If I wake up freezing tomorrow, I will call the land lady. If not, then I'll just leave it be for now.

Tomorrow will be a ME day, because my apartment is a mess. I only ever actually get half of the dishes done, so I have more yet to do. I need to start tossing papers... No more of this keeping thing. I need to clean because Sorrelle's box smells, and her food smells, and there's no room to walk. I need to clean because I keep hearing about how people with roomates are ready to kill said roomates for being slobbish, and I feel like I'm taking advantage of my privilage, not to mention that I feel like a hypocrite talking to them when my house is a sty.

I also need to clean so I can start cracking at packing, and so I can get rid of things. I'm going to do another closet clean-out, because I have too many clothes. I can't afford to have more than 2 loads of laundry right now (yes, even when I do it for free... I hate overstaying my welcome!) and one of those is going to have non-clothes in it. Ok, ok... 3 loads if I do my sheets. So, one load sheets, one load towels, and pants, one load shirts and everything else. I mean, I shouldn't need any more than that, right? I need more winter clothes though... Sweaters. There are a bunch of pretty ones in the stores right now. One day, I will be rich, and I will have beautiful sweaters and pants that fit and one of those fantastically warm and fluffy blankets that Heather had at Lacey's today.

I did go to Lacey's today, with the intent of playing D&D for the first time in about 4 months. Instead, we watched Supernatural. And now I'm hooked. yes, another TV show to be hooked on. :) Then we went, met up with Adam and Jeff (Guy in Red Shirt), and watched Golden Compass. It was actually really good, though I was disappointed by where they ended it. Though, thinking back, I kind of understand why they ended it where they did. They ended it at a point where, when they pick up the story in the inevitable next movie, we are still in Lyra's world, where in the books, Book 2 starts in our reality, not hers. With the gap between movies, audiences would be confused if the story picked up in a whole different realm and Lyra didn't show up until half way through. Also, it forces Nicole Kidman and that other guy to actually sign on for the next movie. Though, if they continue with this, it opens the possibility for a 4th movie... Unless they Kaibosh book three all together. That would be my preference, personally. I mean, I totally loved books 1 and 2, but Book 3 was like the author just took every possible story line for every novel he had ever wanted to write, and thrown it all into one book and hit the "chop" button. It was a romance! Between 12 year olds! It's just... NO!

Anyways, yes, tomorrow will be a ME day. I don't have to go to the pet resuce because Colleen and her mom went today (Colleen went home and left me!! BOO!!), I don't really have to leave the house, and I don't really have to start studying until Monday. I'm actually kind of looking forward to tomorrow.

So, I'm going to sleep, so tomorrow will be here sooner.

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