December 10, 2007

Day off?

I've been up since at least 10 am. It's my day off. Why the hell am I awake??? Grr...

Even Sorrelle is still asleep. In fact, she woke up just long enough to crawl into the space between the blankets where my feet were, and curl up. Just her little cat face is poking out. Damnit.

Why Can't I be that cute???

Anyways, now I have nothing to do. I'm drinking tea and eating oatmeal with cranberries... Thinking maybe I could do some baking. Maybe I could make cookies. I owe people cookies as is. Maybe I can melt some of the snow infront of my apartment by burning my notes? that sounds like fun!!

I don't really want to leave the house today. I don't want to go anywhere unless I have to. and that's fine. I had a bad dream last night, where I had to go back to Richardson's and work in the factory. Dear god, is it that bad? My brain is melting a little.

In other news, the apartment is actually warmer! I've been able to turn the heat down a full 5 degrees, and I'm still comfortable! I tried for 22 Degrees, and that was just too much. Anyways, I'm sure it'll be warmer once I get to la cleaning. Magazines, gone. Excess paper? GONE. old clothes? gone. And dead pens. I have a graveyard for dead pens. I need to free myself from these spirits.

So, overall, I'm good. I'm ok. I'm calm. I work tomorrow, and I have an exam Wednesday morning, and it looks like I'm going to a movie night on Wednesday. Yay!

Nothing's really happening. So I guess I'll stop typing and drink my tea.

Sorrelle's still snuggled up. I want her life.

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