December 1, 2007


So, that's Hell Week part 1 over. Done! *sighs* When's the wrap party?

It's been a hell of a ride. I can't even remember half of it. The main point actually only came up on Thursday. Sorrelle met Dr. Sidhu. Everything seemed to be going well, until Dr. Sidhu pulled out the KY and the rubber glove. See, Sorrelle has a condition called Colitis. Basically, part of her colon is irritated, and we needed to figure out why. Part of that was an exam felt for tumours and polyps. She looked so... violated. I laugh (hysterically) now, but I'm sure she was not impressed.

In the end, it was decided that we are giving her a different de-wormer to see if it really is worms, even though the test came back negative, an antibiotic/anti-inflamitory that takes down swelling and will treat something called "Bever Fever", which was aparently running rampant at all heart... And she is on a special diet for 10 weeks, to see if that stops the bleeding. She seems to like the new food, too, which is good. But now she can't have any food/treats that aren't part of the diet. So, if you're getting Sorrelle Christmas goodies, she wants MediCal Hypoallergenic treats, available at most high-end pet stores or at your local vet's office.

So, that's part one. Part two: NanoWrimo is offically over for another year. I'm kind of sad... I didn't win, but I did better than I ever had in Nano (basically, I made it to the end without calling it quits...), breaking 36K last week. This time, I've made a decision to keep writing. I want to have Sweet Hearts at 50K by Christmas, and have the other 4 completed before November, so I can write something else by the next Nano.

Third, I've got my Christmas spirit back... Unfortunatly,my timing sucks, because everyone else seems to have lost theirs. My mom is currently hiding in her bedroom from the Richmond Family Christmas (I mentioned that before, with the abusive Grama and whatnot...) and my sister Ash told me flat out that she wants to cancel Christmas this year. I've actually made plans to spend Christmas Day with Ducky if I have to... I don't think I can deal with a sad christmas this year.

Today I'm vegging a bit... I need to clean up, and I need to work on my Christmas Giftage for all. And I have the North Bay Lion's Christmas Telethon tonihgt... I'm working the phones from 10-11pm, so if you have Cogeco Cable 12, I'm sure you'll see me.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I'm heading to All Heart with Colleen to deliver some supplies. Then I'm tutoring Shaun, my favorite lost cause, and studying for my exams.

Tis the Season....

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