November 1, 2007

Novmber first!!

Wow, I thought today was going to suck. And at times it did. But I'm going to bed on a high note.

I managed to put LimeWire on Sam's computer, so I have tunes again. Lots of Tori Amos, Imogene Heap, and something called The Hush Sound that I'm not sure about yet. As always, I'm looking for reccomendations.

I met the daily goal for Nanowrimo with 6 minutes to spare. They say each day to do 1667 words to make it to 50,000. I did 1677. Hah!

I also made my goal for behaviour modification for the first time today. The project's been going on for three days, and today's my first 10/10. And I've decided that Diabetic Chocolate doesn't count... there's no sugar in it, right? Besides, it's that time of the month... if I didn't have that, I would be dead by now.

I got a lot done today, actually. I emailed Colleen all of the stuff she needs to know for the fundraising meeting, becasue I switched shifts, so now I can't go to the meeting. Seriously, I printed it out, and it was, like, a 3 page email. I got 3 assignments done for LynnAnn's class (one-pagers, but still). I begged Colleen to let me do laundry tomorrow (I bribed her with Nanoing and tea. Ducky would be proud). And, I created a writing space. With candles, and seriously insane amounts of water.

So, since everyone's going away this weekend (I didn't know the Zoo trip was going to include a Jazz concert and other things... I'm kinda jealous now), I'm going to finish turning my place into a noveling hut this weekend. Maybe finish a sink of dishes. Change my bedsheets. Purge some paper and old clothes.

Sorrelle needs a new collar. And a leash. and likes artificial tuna more than the real thing.

And walked into a door this morning.

Cat ain't right.

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Beatrix said...

PS: Just so's ya know, diabetic cooking is really high in sugar, but it's just in the form of carbs. Sorry, lol.

PPS: I have 191 words and now feel inadequate, lol.

I heart you.