November 26, 2007


Dear November: I hate you.

It isn't stopping today... class right into practice for exam into meeting that never happened into write-in that got cancelled because Leen is sick (boo!) into meeting with Steve into computer lab into class into exec meeting into more exam practice into rehearsal.

I think somewhere in there I might fall over.

I'm slowly losing my grip on reality. I'm too tired to be angry at anything, and too hopped up on caffiene to be of use to almost anyone. I'm actually spinning and shaking and discombobulating on the inside, but a lump of lumpiness on the outside.


Anyways... I am, whether it's because of the lethargy or because I don't really care anymore, less angry at Captain Asshat than I was yesterday. I think it was more the shock of being slapped in the face than anything... I'm not really mad at him, I'm mad at myself for not making a move sooner. I'm also mad at myself for getting into this situation... again. What was it about those who forget the pasta are doomed to reheat it? Fner. One of these days, I will learn.

I'm still mad at Grama. That one's not dying out so easily. But, it's an ongoing thing, so whatev.

So tonight's meeting is going to be interesting. We have some major work to do before January, and this may be our last meeting of the semester. We'll see. Steve and Adam both look like they haven't slept, I haven't really, and I'm sure Sarah hasn't either... so we might all be calm and complacent enough to actually make a decision with less than 10 minutes discussion! Score!

I'm heading to class now... I want to say thank you to everyone who have offered support in the last few days. I do appreciated... Right now, though, there are others who need it more than me. I'll be ok, I'm just having a series of sad days. But if you wouldn't mind, please send a thought or two in the direction of the Caputo and Fava families. They really need it right now.


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