November 27, 2007


The goal for today is to write. Write as much as possible. Write till my fingers get sore.
I'm almost at 30K for my Nano, which means I'm about 15K behind. Now, I'm not diluted enough to believe I can write even 10K in a day... Most I've been able to accomplish so far is 5K in one sitting. But, if I can do 5K tonight, 5K at the write in tomorrow, my Budget assignment between classes and 5K on Thursday night, I'm sure I'll actually make it to 50K by friday.

Right now, I'm sitting at home waiting for lunch to cook, drinking tea. I need to be at the school for 1:30, so we can practice for my Crisis exam. All I want to do is go back to bed and snuggle with my crazy cat. I kind of want to clean my apartment too... I got the floor and the bed cleared off, but the kitchen and my desk are a wreck, and the bathroom's seen better days. And even with the temp. cranked, the place won't warm up. I might have to get a door-stopper... one of those things that prevents a draft. And the amount of stuff probably isn't helping. Plus I have to keep the under-sink cupboards open now, because if I don't the pipes will freeze. Hm. Maybe I just need more socks.

I think I'm going to make roasted chickpeas again sometime this week. they were awesome when I made them last time. and I still need to gather materials for the Christmas Project. and I'd like to actually make cookies again. I owe people cookies. I don't have time to do them for the write in, though I should, because I have the fundraising meeting tomorrow, so I should be bringing them cookies too. Maybe I'll just grab a box of Candicanes. When am I going to do that? Whatever. If I get to it, I get to it.

I'm considering looking inot a post-graduate degree in occupational therapy. Not now, of course, but as an option. Aparently you can't find them in this area, but the demand is huge... And it's not much different from SSW. We'll see.

I kind of hope I'm the counselor today in the Role play. I'm not energetic enough to fake a crisis right now.

I need to buy stamps.

I think my fish is done. I'm going to have lunch, get ready and head out. Hopefully by the time I post next, I'll have written at least 5000 words! Woot!

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