November 18, 2007


dear santa

my name is sorrelle. i am 2 and a half years old. i live in a place called north bay with my new mommy lacey. she is very nice and loves me very much. she says that this is my very first christmas time, and so i should send you a list of what i want for presents in a letter so you will bring me them. that is very nice of you!
i would like some wiskas treats. they are yummy. i like the ones in the yellow bag best. i would like some toys that are on strings that dangle so i can chase them. mom doesn't have any of those, but she lets me play with her bathrobe tie! i would like a water fountain, because i don't like my bowl, and the water in the shower tastes yucky because of mommy's shampoo. mommy bought me a leash and a collar, but i need a harness for when we travel and in the spring when i might want to see outside.
most of all, i would like it very much if all of my friends and my babies at the the rescue shelter and all of the friends my mommy has at the humane society, could have nice christmas times too, and if they could find nice homes like mine with mommies who love them too. when i went there with mommy, they said that if they couldn't go to nice homes, there are things they need a lot, and that kathy, the shelter lady, cant get for them right now because everyone has been sick. they would like some javex bleach so they dont get sick again, some blankets to stay warm, lots of food for cats and dogs, leashes, brushes, and office supplies for kathy. they also would like if all of the vets bills in north bay could be paid, so that kathy doesnt have to worry. also, mommy would like to take them canadian tire money so that kathy can buy things, and i know you will get some when you buy presents for everyone, so if she could have yours, that would make everybody happy!
thank you mr. santa! say hello to the reindeer for me!

sorrelle richmond.

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Beatrix said...

Hi Lacey - and Sorrelle!

I don't have much right now, but I should have some stuff available by January. I'll bring a box of goodies up with me when I come for Sarah's going away party.