November 12, 2007

Days go By...

Well, it's been a week!

I'm still alive. I'm feeling pretty good, actually. Seems like things are going good. I feel somewhat calmer. Somewhat more stable. I think I'm doing ok.

I have a cat now. I kept her. Kathy's going to help me get her spayed in January. Alex is going to help me get her tags. all is good! Welcome to the family, Sorrelle Richmond.

I'm going home on Friday. Jess, Jess's roomate and Sarah are coming with me. It'll be interesting.

My Nano is lagging slightly behind... I'm hoping to catch up sometime tomorrow. I'm at just over 16000 words, and tomorrow's goal is just under 22000. We'll see. I'm at the mid-point of the novel, where it's starting to sagg. But I have some plot points laid out in my head... I think I know how it will work.

So, generally, things are good!.


1 comment:

Beatrix said...

So, does this mean that Sarah IS coming for dinner?