November 6, 2007

Early too!

So I went to bed early last night... Or I meant to, but after a slightly distressing incident with Sorrelle and a couple of failed attempts to get a hold of Kathy, I wound up calling my friend at the Humane Society, who informed me that I shouldn't worry about Sorrelle: she just has worms.


I guess it's pretty common, and he's helping me acquire the medication she needs, but EW! Worms? Blarg... Didn't help that there was a post on my "FunWall" this morning showing a guy basically pulling a tapeworm out of his face... Bleck!

My funwall is now a gross-free zone, thankyouverymuch.

Anyways, so yes. I kinda went to bed early. And I kinda got up early too, with full intentions of cleaning my bathroom, or doing some other chores that need doing. Instead, I kinda hung out, played with Sorrelle, and did nothing until my Red Cross meeting at 12:30.

It was kinda nice though. And I'm starting to discover some of Sorrelle's favorite things. She doesn't like "floor-type" toys, like the mice that the kittens used to play with. She does, however, like anything that dangles. Such as my USB key when I wear it around my neck. And the tie on my bathrobe. Interesing. So "dangly-toys" are going on her Christmas List.

Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm keeping her. We'll see what Kathy says... I'm sure she doesn't have room to take her back...

Anyways, I even got to the School early today! a whole half-hour, just so I could do my readings (forgot the books... ) and chill out a bit. Of course Class was Canceled... murr. But I got here early. Which also meant that I started work early. Which is where I am now.

I'm actually warming up my fingers for a Nano session. I'm 4000 words behind right now, but on Sunday I managed to write almost exactly 4000 words, so I'm still good! This is probably the best I've ever done on my Nano.

And the break from SoS is... well, I don't know how it is. The stress in my life has neither decreased or increased. I know people are worried about me (so says Adam), but since no one's come to talk to me specifically about it (except for Adam), I'm going to continue along. I'm not "re-joining" SoS until after Bon Jovi, regardless, so it really doesn't matter. I just wish people would talk to me about it now, so the issues are resolved before I go back.

And for those nay-sayers who think I should approach the people instead of having them come to me: I would. Usually. This time, I don't want to be the one taking the initiative, because I want them to show that they honestly care about how I feel and what I think. It's a test. It's all a test, right? This time, I'm letting go of the control, instead of holding on more tightly, and seeing that things do move on when I'm not there, controling everything. I think that makes sense, don't you?

Moving on: So, Katie and Sarah wanted to go to the Mall yesterday to look at dresses for Cocktails and Clevage II, and for Formal. I was just kind of there as moral support... I already had a dress for C&C. But then we got there, and there was a dress... Actually there were 2, same design different colour. And after a couple of conversations with certain people going to Formal, I decided, hell with it.

I'm going to Formal.

I like the idea of Formal: I went to prom, like, 4 times. It's just... It's at the Wall. I HATE the Wall. I hate pretty much everything about the Wall, from their theme of "Pimps & Hoes" for the Halloween bash, to their rather idiotic rules governing every other event on campus, to the 2 morons who run the place. I hate the idea that I put money in their pockets at all.

But dinner is included in the Ticket price, and dinner looks to be freakin sweet, so I'm in. I'm a sucker for a good meal.

And yes, I'm going to Cocktails and Clevage... I probably won't stay the whole time, and I probably won't drink much, but I'll go for dinner, and a bit of the social stuff after... And I'll probably come back on Sunday for Hung-over Christmas decorating.

Ah, Christmas.

I kinda hate the fact that they started playing Christmas commercials before Halloween was over, but I got my Kraft Magazine: Holiday edition in the mail today, and now I'm less of a hum-bug. Actually, I think I know what I'm doing for my friends for Christmas this year... I'm just going to need to find Jars. Lots of good-size, sterile mason jars with lids. Dollar store? Mayhapse... we'll see.

But, yes, baking season is approaching! I'm kind of excited! I won't be eating much of it, but really, I rarely do... Holiday baking is a thing to be shared, not binged upon.

Anyways, I think my fingers are warmed enough. Off to Nanoland I go!

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Beatrix said...

Addemdum: Brian does have a car, but no G2 license with which to legally drive said car. Besides, his dad will be using it until Brian gets home in '09; he's picking it up this weekend.