October 13, 2007

Um... Whoa?

So, I made the fatal mistake all women make at least once in their lives.
I coloured my hair the night before an important event.

Um, It's not THAT bad, really. 1-2 more shampoos and it might even pass for Mahogany. Right now, it's red-wine. I mean, the colour was supposed to be red, but not cartoon-y. I mean, I don't mind it, it's just...

I haven't had my hair this dark since High school. It's... Different. I kinda like it. It stands out.

I'm just worried about how it's going to looks with THE dress. It's gorgeous, it's perfect, and it's black... With bright "Internet Explorer" Blue acccents. Hmm. More black than blue is good, but... What the hell eye-shadow colour do I wear?? Blarg.

Anyways, the colour will work for my halloween costume: Jessica Rabbit. that's right. I'm biting the bullet and going as the cartoon character That will one day be a cartoon version of me.

...Less chocolate, more sanity.

I think I'll go with a blush on the lips, and a rose/brown combo on the eyes.

Moving on... I'm cleaning. Then I can paint my toes. I want some Zinfandel. And visitors. I can't wait to get Sorrell back tomorrow.

Tomorrow's going to be insane.

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