October 10, 2007

Too calm...

BLARGH. No, it's really not that bad. I'm just tired. I'm kinda losing motivation with the whole Red Cross thing... it's just dragging on. I have other things to do... I just kinda want to get this done. and I have a LOT to do in the next two days.

-Dye my hair so it's not brassy anymore
-Buy a god damned dress... grrrr...
-buy appropriate shoes and break them in (ouch...)
-Get someone to donate free pizza, and about 6 more freebies
-Test in Crisis intervention at 9am tomorrow, and it's a Jude test. Jude tests scare me.
-Assignment due in my class at 12:30, but I should have time to do it at school
-get frames for the gift certificates
-get my book from the campus shop
-clean my grubby apartment before I pick up Sorrell
-...Pick up Sorrell
-Set building on Friday
-Meet with a group partner on Friday to storyboard our advert.
-Find someone to film the advert
-Film the advert....

Ok, so those last 2 can wait. Still... I need to book a time for our first fundraising committee meeting. And I should book another improv meeting now that I have my work schedule (Tomorrow 4:30-10, the 16th 4:30-10 and the 20th from 10-3)... Murrr...

I think I just want to get on with things. It's like watching the storm come in... there's nothing I can do until it's over.

I'm starting a new diet. It's called the 28 day diet, and it goes something like this:

The diet: it's up to you. you can go calorie amount or types of food... whatever it is, it's up to you. I'm chosing the raws diet: for the next 28 days, I eat all raw food, except 1 item per day, whether it's meat or booze, it's up to me. Each day I stick within my diet, I get 2 points. If I eat more than one non-raw, I get 1 point. If I bail, I get 0 points.

The Water: 64oz+ is worth 2 points. That's about 4 bottles of water. Half that is 1 point. Less is 0 points. One cup of coffee or one beer cancells out one bottle.

The Exercise: This will probably be the hardest part: 30 minutes of physical activity per day = 2 points. 15 minutes = 1 point. less, NO POINTS. Walking to and from my car or class doesn't count.

The Challenges:
Mondays, I have to do something to "celebrate me". Nails, hair... lounging... anything I like.
Tuesdays I have to do something I've been putting off
Wednesdays I have to perform a random act of kindness
Thursday I have to try something new
Friday I have to do something fun
Saturday I have to clean something (the bathroom, the closet, the desk, the kitchen, etc)
Sunday I have to either do a challenge I missed, or take the day off.

The Journal: I'm supposed to be keeping a journal of this. I don't think I'll post it here though... I have a livejournal that I keep things like this on. But, I'll post major successes, and you can bet I'll post the failures, here.

The Goal: 10 points out of a possible 10. All of this for 28 days... we'll see how it goes! This comes from a live journal community... some of their Diet goals get pretty extreme... >500 cals... that's a little too hardcore for me.

2 more posts, and I'm at post 400! I think I'll update my 101 things in 1001 days from the summer... see where I am.

anything to keep moving forward.

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