October 15, 2007

Ze List

So, the last post was post 400. Yays!

I was going to update the list, but the hair thing came up, so I'm doing it now. then later tonight I'm going to post about Gestalt. It's going to be intense in a good way.

First, Updating the List.

001. go on another weekend trip with my friends
-Done: We went to Sault Ste. Marie to see Amanda's Show. We're going to Montreal for our next road trip.

002. go to the states
- Nothing yet

003. Go to St. Thomas Ontario (I'm so close, but I've never been there!
-Still no.

004. Go to Sudbury ON and see the big Nickle for reals this time.
-Not yet, but we might do a trip there soon-ish

005. Get a passport
-I should get on that...

006. Go on a real date

007. host an all nighter
-That's what NaNoWriMo will be for...

008. Get properly sized and buy at least 1 bra that fits.
- Not yet.

009. buy a sundress and wear it somewhere
-No, but I bought a black dress and wore it to the Red Cross Gala

010. buy shorts and not feel embarassed wearing them.
-I have 2 pairs of shorts, but haven't warn them outside of the house.

011. Find more of the yoga pants I like and buy them.
-I got 2 pairs of comfy sweat pants.

012. Get at least 2 more piercings
-When I can afford it

013. Extend my butterfly tattoo

014. Learn to play Poker

015. Learn basic conversational French

016. Learn American Sign Language (enough that I can communicate in it)
-I can still fingerspell

017. Complete my diploma with a 4.00
-Probably not going to happen, but we'll see

18. Complete my Mental Health and Addictions diploma with a 4.00
-Not sure I'm going to do that now...

19. Learn about politics enough that I can hate it legitimatly
-Nope. Still at "Politics... hurrrr."

020. Visit a real Museum
-We went to the Rom, but I'm not sure that counts.

021. Get a certification of some sort relevant to my field
-Will be done in January

022. Visit an Art Gallery

023. Cook dinner and make desert for me and a "friend"

024. Go on a picnic!

025. Host high tea
-was going to do it, but it got cancelled.

026. find a madeline pan and buy it so I can make real madelines
-Found one, couldn't afford it.

027. bake a pie that didn't come from a box

028. Eat Sushi

029. Make something other than muffins for a bake sale
-Haha! Um, not yet, but soon.

030. Finish a NaNoWriMo piece within November, even if it's trash
-I have an idea.

031. Finish Sweet Hearts
-Probably doing that for NaNo.

032. Finish Cold Hard Blues
-If I get it back from my laptop, I will be able to. If not, I'm not going to try

033. Write a play (Script Frenzy or not)
-Not Yet

034. Write letters to people for the hell of it once a month for a year (0/12)
-I've written some, but not many.

035. Go to a Zoo!

036. Go Bird Watching

037. Start and maintain an herb garden
-I thought I killed my rosmary, but I have a bit that's rooting.

038. Watch the clouds
-Not yet.

039. Watch the stars
-Not really.

040. Howl at a full moon

041. Go to a butterfly conservatory
-that was going to be a plan, but now we're doing Montreal instead.

042. Save $1oo for a rainy day
-HAH. No.

043. Never go more than 3 months with a balance on my VISA
-Hasn't happened yet, but I'm at 2 months now.

044. Pay my line of Credit
-Not yet

045. Be able to pay my own car insurance'

046. Open an account for each specific goal I have... A "Bra" fund, a "Car" fund, a "trip" fund, etc.
-I don't have enough money.

047. Start a real list of things I really need to see/read.
-Still in my head.

048. Watch All of the Kevin Smith Movies
-I've seen Dogma, Clerks and Clerks II.

049. Watch Pan's Labyrinth

050. Watch all of the X-Men movies in one night
-I only have the last one.

051. Watch An Inconvenient Truth

052. Watch Reservoir Dogs

053. See something at IMAX
-Not yet.

054. Go to a concert that's not at the Wall or the Capitol Centre
-Not yet.

055. Read:
- The Hunchback of Notre Dame
- Don Quixote de la Mancha
- The Canterbury Tales
- Dracula
- The Scarlet Pimpernel
-The Lord of the Rings
-Wicked, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, etc.
-Alice in Wonderland
-at least one book reccomended by each of the following people:
Colleen (obviously...),
Sarah F,
Sarah H,
Ash and
-None of the Above.

056. Find and watch all 5 seasons of Ally McBeal
-No! I can't find them!

057. Listen to CBC Radio One on a rainy day
-Not yet.

058. Go People Watching with a notebook

059. Find a coffee shop that makes coffee better than Tim Hortons!
-I'm beginning to doubt that's possible.

060. Attend a Japanese Tea Ceremony

061. Learn to Pole Dance

062. Wear stilettos
-Can't afford them

063. Attend a Wine Gala
-Can't afford it.

064. Drink a real Martini
-I tried a grey-goose martini and nearly gaged.

065. Drink a margarita

066. Eat Escargot
-Uh... no.

067. Get a complete stranger to buy me a drink
-Well, Poker tour guys don't really count as strangers, but I'll take it.

068. Buy a drink for a complete stranger
-Too Broke!

069. Learn how to make Origami other than frogs.

070. Judge a script writing contest (stay tuned...)
-Idea pretty much got canned.

071. Knit a blanket
-I should start that.

072. Spend a day just taking pictures of things
-Not yet

073. Paint something with an easel and one of those round paint tray things.

074. Play Boggle

075. Win at Risk!

076. Host an Improv Show!

077. Do the opening talk-to-the-audience before curtain!
-Adam won't let me.

PERSONAL BETTERMENT (there's not a lot of these ^__^)
078. Lose 2o lbs
-Not a lot of luck... The weight is moving slowly.

079. learn to say no to people
-Starting to.

080. wear my contacts more often
-I've worn them once since I've written this list

081. Get a manicure
-I did one myself

082. Host a discussion (professionally)
-Not yet

083. sit up straighter to fix my posture
-working on it

084. Use WhiteStrips more often
-I do

085. Eat vegetables more
-I've been working on it.

086. Drink more water
-I'm working on that one too

087. do 10 pushups
-Hahahaha no.

088. Do a Walk for _____ (cancer, Aids, something...)
-I'm doing the Take Back the Night march next week.

089. keep my room clean for a month solid (0/30)
-Most I've lasted is 2 weeks.

090. Update my First Aid and CPR
-Still have to do that

91. become a Red Cross Reservist
-I'm a volunteer. The Disaster Management training isn't until January.

092. Sing in public without worrying about how I sound
-Baby steps on this one

093. Have a psychodelic experiance
-I'm too paranoid

094. Hike to Duchesne falls for a poetry reading (yes, another one!)
-Too cold.

095. try to ride a bike

096. Walk from Residence to Main Street via. Algonquin like Mads and I did first year.

097. get my name in the paper again

098. Dance like no one's watching
-There have been drunken incidents, but they don't count

099. Learn to swing dance

100. Learn to dance Latin-y

101. make a change in something that I care about that will last.
-Working on it.

So that's Ze Update. I'll have to update it again at 500. I can't remember the day that this is all supposed to be done, but I've made more progress than I thought I would.



Anonymous said...

The ROM so counts as a museum!!!
Didn't you see something at IMAX in Toronto in January?

Sparky said...

Yeah, but that was in January.

...Which means the ROM doesn't count, because I haven't been since January, and the list was made in May.