September 28, 2007

System Failure

So, I'm fucked. Royally, unavoidably fucked.

The MeeperMobile is in the shop. Again. Or it will be tomorrow morning when I call Canadian Tire to tell them that my baby was towed there tonight.

I tried to turn around after Dropping Adam off at Amanda's, and when I put it in reverse, the shift didn't stick. In fact, the car moved Forward. No matter what I put the car in, even Park, it rolled forward. Thank God a million times over for CAA.

Adam figured that it was either a loose connection somewhere, or my transmission was pooched. Well, the tow truck guy didn't find a loose connection. So...

My baby is now sitting at Canadian Tire, waiting for me to call over there before my 8:30 class tomorrow (which means I have to catch a 7:30am bus to campus). Hopefully Ducky will be kind enough to drive me over there when we meet up at 2:30 after my class. Hopefully there will be a verdict by then. Hopefully the car is fixable, and hopefully if it's fixable, it won't cost all of my OSAP to fix.

I think... I think I can't do it anymore. I keep trying to do good for the world, and I get spat on. I can't keep up anymore.

I think, if this is it for the MeeperMobile, that I might not be able to carry on this year.

I think I'm done.

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